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Peter Lynn Leopard V3 (2018) Depower Kite >>

Peter Lynn Leopard 2015 Cross Country Depowerable Depower Kite Snow Kite Snowkiting


Peter Lynn Leopard - 7m:


Peter Lynn Leopard 2015 Cross Country Depowerable Depower Kite Snow Kite Snowkiting


Peter Lynn Leopard 9m:

Peter Lynn Leopard 2015 Cross Country Depowerable Depower Kite Snow Kite Snowkiting


Peter Lynn Leopard 11m:


Peter Lynn Leopard 2015 Cross Country Depowerable Depower Kite Snow Kite Snowkiting


Peter Lynn Leopard 13.5m:


Peter Lynn Leopard 2015 Cross Country Depowerable Depower Kite Snow Kite Snowkiting



Available as Kite Only (with bag) or complete with: 

Peter Lynn Leopard Kite Sail:
Kite complete with pre-stretched bridles.

Peter Lynn Lynx 2013 Cross Country Depowerable Depower Kite Snow Kite Snowkiting

Dyneema Flying Lines:
Pre-stretched flying lines. Colour-coded for safety and ease of use.

Peter Lynn Hornet 2 (II) Dyneema Flying Lines

Peter Lynn Lynx Magnet Depower Control Bar with safety system:
Depower control bar with safety system, and chickenloop.

Ozone Access 2013 Depower Control Bar with Safety System



Peter Lynn Leopard V3: £655.00 - £825.00
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Availability: 2-3 Days

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The Peter Lynn Leopard is an exceptional combination of powerful performance and safe snow kiting. This 5th line, high aspect ratio, open cell depower kite is designed for high performance snowkiting and for experienced snowkiters that breakdown boundaries with ease.


To ensure you get the best out of every session Peter Lynn have made the Leopard into a fast flying, quick turning powerhouse with a large usable windrange that delivers its performance in a reliable and controllable way.


To make it more aerodynamic and to enhance it’s stability, glass-fibre rods have been placed along the leading edge. The new Leopards smooth nose shape and upgraded profiles make the kite turn faster with more pressure through the turns, helping you to get to where you are going no time.


New for 2018 Improvements:

A new bridle configuration offers a spectrum of advantages. A smaller turning circle which makes it easier to loop the kite, better responsiveness throughout the kite’s windrange and a lighter, nimbler feel on the bar.


This fine-tuned bridle also has the kite sit further forward in the wind window, which results in less sideways pull and higher forward speed. It also means less stress on your arms and legs when riding at extreme upwind angles or up steep mountain faces.


This increase in efficiency makes the kite more powerful per size while its light weight construction and quick turning make the kite excel in light wind. To make high performance available to intermediate riders and experts alike, the Leopards aspect ratio is built to be as stable as possible in whatever winds nature throws at you.


The Leopard is an extremely powerful depower foil with superior flight characteristics. In light winds it is quick enough and generates enough power to get you going, but crank the bar in higher winds and you’ll be flying off before you know it. Feel the acceleration and experience the thrill of sending the Leopard for a long floaty jump.


Whether you want to loop to the top and glide back down, boost massive airs or simply go faster and further than the rest, the Leopard provides you with a smooth platform with plenty performance on tap to get you where you want to be.


A big wind range, good low end power, high turning speed and massive lift & hangtime are some of the key characteristics the Leopard brings to the table.



Peter Lynn Magnet 5-Line Control Bar:

The Peter Lynn Leopard comes with the new Peter Lynn Magnet control system that is optimized for use in snow, while not compromising its suitability and ease of use for any other kite activity. Based upon the proven Navigator bar, this system ensures functionality and safety at the highest level of performance.


Peter Lynn Leopard features include:


  • High Flying Speed - The high aspect ratio of the Leopard guarantees high speed flying making the kite perfectly suited for some fast cruising. Transfer this speed into a jump and you’ll boost big with plenty of hangtime to bust out some big, tweaked out old school moves.

  • Large Depower Range - The Leopard has a big depower range to ensure you can handle the often changing conditions. This allows for maximum riding time without having to size up or down.

  • Super Stability - This stability makes the Leopard a highly reliable jumper, ready to take your riding to a higher level.

  • Crazy lift and float - Its high performance profile is tuned for massive jumps and truckloads of float to maximize hangtime and to put you back on the ground safely.
  • Great Upwind Performance - The Leopard’s high aspect ratio not only results in a very fast kite down the line. But it also offers upwind performance similar to what is found in latest generation race kites. This high speed and the possibility to ride at sharper courses than the competition makes the Leopard a serious contender in snowkite racing.

  • High turning speed - Normally a high Aspect Ratio makes a kite fast through the air at the cost of a lower turning speed. In the Leopard the balance between high flying speed and quick turning has been carefully balanced to give you the best of both worlds.
  • Webbing reinforced leading edge.

  • Specially designed, webbing reinforced cross-vents.

  • Double stitched 70D Profiles.

  • Dacron reinforced bridle points.

  • Simple and easy to launch or land without assistance - Just un-wind, hook in and GO

  • Light bar pressure with direct and responsive handling

  • New moulded Chicken loop with safety release handle

  • Diagonal Ribs

  • Magnet Control Bar - one size fits all size kites

  • Fast Predictable turns

  • Easy Handing and Relaunch

Peter Lynn Leopard:



The Peter Lynn Leopard is available as kite only (with bag) or ready to fly complete with:


  • Peter Lynn Leopard Kite

  • Magnet 5-Line Control bar with Dyneema Flying Lines

  • Leash-less riding safety system

  • Safety leash for non de-power flying mode

  • Detailed manual

  • Peter Lynn Leopard Backpack

Harnesses Power Kite Kiteboarding  Buggying Landboarding  Snowkiting * A Harness is required to fly this kite - click for harnesses >>
Power Kiting How-To Guide DVD
* You can learn how-to setup and fly depowerable kites using the Power Kiting How-To Guide DVD - click for info >>


Projected Area (cm)
Flat Surface Area (sq m)
Aspect Ratio
Skill Level


Peter Lynn Leopard Wind Range
Beaufort Scale


You can purchase spares for this item here >>

Depower Control Bar

Peter Lynn Lynx MagnetControl Snow Megatron Control Bar System

Peter Lynn Magnet 5-Line Control-Snow Bar System:

The Peter Lynn Magnet 5-Line Control bar is based upon the Navigator Control bar but with a few changes making it more suitable for the harsher conditions often encountered when snowkiting.


The tapered bar is fitted with extra grippy, color coded EVA foam making it easy to operate with gloves on, the finger grip ensures a comfortable grip when riding without gloves. The Magnet is fitted with the same high quality stainless steel centerpiece for smooth bar action.


Bar System Features:


  • Centrix depower loop with Safety release
  • Removable lock-in pin
  • Dyneema dual depower line
  • Free sliding stopper
  • Tangle free swivel
  • Clamcleat power adjuster above the bar
  • Life line (5th line) safety system
  • Tapered bar with smooth center hole
  • Dual bar size endcaps
  • Colour coded EVA foam with finger grip
  • Coloured floats
  • Relaunch handle
  • Dyneema spliced flying lines
  • Kook-proof flying line connections
  • Safety leash with quick release
  • Suicide leash adapter
Peter Lynn Magnet 5-Line Control Bar Technology:

Safety Handle: The release on the Centrix depower loop is a reliable and easy to use safety mechanism. With the simple pull of the release cuff, one side of the loop disconnects itself from the centre piece.

Peter Lynn Magnet  Control Bar

Dyneema Dual Power Line: The Dual depower line made from Dyneema ensures a safe and durable connection to your kite.

Peter Lynn Magnet  Control Bar

Free sliding stopper: The free sliding stopper helps you to quickly change the amount of throw of your bar. The stopper can be placed anywhere along the depower line and can be set to full locking or push through.

Peter Lynn Magnet  Control Bar

Safety Line: The red safety line keeps you connected to your kite after activating your safety system. The line runs through the bar and the center of the depower loop.

Peter Lynn Magnet  Control Bar

Removeable Lock-In Pin: The Lock-In pin ensures your depower loop stays hooked in when if the tension comes off your top lines. It can be easily removed if desired for the dedicated unhooked rider.

Peter Lynn TS Charger  Control Bar

Tangle-Free Swivel: The Swivel on the top section of the Centrix chickenloop allows you to untwist your lines with ease. Unlike many other models, your leash can remain attached to the safety line while spinning.

Peter Lynn TS Charger  Control Bar

Safety Leash with Quick Release: The extra leash with stainless steel clip and quick release allow you to stay connected to the safety line at all times. Fitted with Dyneema the leash is extremely strong, to ensure a reliable connection to your kite!

Peter Lynn TS Charger  Control Bar
Peter Lynn Navigator Control System Design Elements:

Dual bar size endcaps: The endcaps on the Navigator allow quick bar size adjustment to adapt your bar to kite size and weather conditions. The insides are soft on your hands, the outsides have plenty of space for winding your lines.

Peter Lynn Magnet  Control Bar

Colour coded EVA Foam Grip: The control bar is fitted with EVA foam to ensure a solid grip on the bar. The grip is colour coded, for easily recognizing which side is left or right when grabbing your bar.

Peter Lynn Magnet  Control Bar

Tapered Control Bar: The Navigator features a tapered carbon bar to ensure a lightweight but solid bar, for increased durability and direct steering control.

Peter Lynn Magnet  Control Bar

Aluminium Centre Hole: The smooth Aluminium centre piece allows easy bar movements and reduces wear of your lines. The Centrix depower loop fits nicely into the centre piece for easy hooking back in after an unhooked trick.

Peter Lynn Magnet  Control Bar

Clamcleat Power Adjuster: The Magnet is fitted with a Clamcleat power adjuster to easily set the power of your kite. The line and cleat are easy to replace after long term wear.

Peter Lynn Magnet  Control Bar


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