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Peter Lynn Swell - Orange / Black

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  • Peter Lynn Swell - Orange / Black
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  • Peter Lynn Swell - Blue / Black
  • Peter Lynn Swell - Orange / Black
  • Peter Lynn Swell - Orange / Black
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Peter Lynn Swell Technology:

Peter Lynn Swell3-Strut Hybrid SLE:
The Swell’s unique shape gives it an amazing range, fast and easy relaunch and awesome drifting ability, even in the worst onshore conditions. The balanced Hybrid/SLE shape of the Swell is designed to be stable and offers the precise and responsive handling that both wave chargers and free riders demand. Its lightweight 3-Strut frame offers maximum stability and slack line drift when you want to focus on surfing the wave.

Peter Lynn Swell3-Point Bridle:
The bridle system gives the kite a huge and progressive depower range. This makes even the worst conditions a lot easier to handle. The low friction rings have no moving parts and are very small, so you can be confident that you won’t get any jams or snags with you lines.

Peter Lynn SwellReinforced Leading Edge:
Multiple reinforcements improve the durability. The leading edge and struts are built with the most durable Dacron. The leading edge has been reinforced along the entire seam to protect it from getting damaged when crashing or getting a pounding in the waves, making it hands down one of the toughest kites on the market. Kevlar reinforcements on the strut ends protect against friction wear.

Peter Lynn SwellKook Proof:
Colour-coded, front and back line connections. The bridle loops are colour coded and 'knot to loop' to help kiters get their kite in the air safely.


Peter Lynn SwellFits All Valve: 
The bayonet fitting fits all pumps and the large valve opening makes inflation a breeze. The bayonet fitting fits all pumps and the large valve opening makes inflation a breeze. You won’t have to spend hours and hours pumping your kites anymore, and will be able to ride in the perfect wind in no time.

Peter Lynn SwellMultiple Tip Settings:
The Swell has multiple tip settings on the wingtips giving the rider full control over how they want the kite to fly. It can be set up with super light bar pressure or hard direct feedback for those days when you are in the barrel and need to feel every nuance of the kite.

Peter Lynn SwellTrailing Edge Reinforcements:
The trailing edge is reinforced with a double layer of teijin Technoforce T9600 cloth combined with Bisonyl reinforcements; this results in an extremely durable yet lightweight solution. This is perfect if you’re looking for a school kite: the reinforcements will make sure that you can use the kite on land as much as you need to without worrying of sand, shells or rocks damaging the wing.

Peter Lynn SwellTriflow Technology:
Multiple triangular shaped panels called TriFlow, create a smooth and clean transition between leading edge and canopy. By using the TriFlow, the canopy attached to the Leading edge is now able to curve both sideways over the leading edge and from the leading edge to the trailing edge.

This creates extremely smooth surface and airflow over the canopy, resulting in more stability and a better overall performance. This makes the Swell more stable when you depower the kite and totally want to focus on your ride, rather than your kite.


Peter Lynn Swell:

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