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Peter Lynn Vapor Power / Traction Kite >>

Peter Lynn Vapor 4-Line Power Kite Traction 4-Line Handles


Peter Lynn Vapor 4-Line Power Kite Traction 4-Line Handles

Peter Lynn Vapor 4-Line Power Kite Traction 4-Line Handles

Available as Kite Only (with bag): 

Peter Lynn Vapor Kite Storage Bag:
Waterproof style rucksack with zipper and pockets.

Peter Lynn Vapor Storage Bag

Peter Lynn Vapor Kite Sail:
Mirai Fibre Sail, kite complete with pre-sleeved bridles.

Peter Lynn Vapor Kite Sail

Also Includes:
4-Line Bridle Foil Instructional Manual and Sticker

Peter Lynn Core Manual Sticker Voucher

Peter Lynn Vapor In Action:Peter Lynn Vapor 4-Line Power Kite Traction 4-Line Handles


Peter Lynn Vapor 4-Line Power Kite Traction 4-Line Handles

Peter Lynn Vapor: £257.00 - £633.00
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Availability: 1-2 Days

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The Vapor is the ultimate high performance fixed bridle kite. Built for top level kite buggy racing, it pushed the envelope in every aspect. From its flat out performance to its exceptional build quality and high end materials.

This new iteration of the world renowned Peter Lynn Vapor is not only faster than its predecessor, it is also more stable and more reliable.


Next to that it is more agile, has better upwind performance and offers a more rewarding challenge to mastering its full potential.


Nearly two years of development and testing have produced a kite which is not only one of the fastest kites on the planet but amazingly stable too. This balance is testament to the vision and dedication to 'Excellence with no compromise' shown by the design team and riders encompassing the ethos of the Peter Lynn Pro-Range of kites.


A combination of the finest materials available matched with the application of cutting edge design, the most stringent quality control and production techniques place the Vapor at the top of race kite technology.


Unlike many race kites the Vapor's handling characteristics mean that it is not just restricted to the most expert of pilots. In fact most intermediate pilots would be surprised how well behaved this kite is and would benefit greatly and experience the improvement and enhancement of their own performance. Make no mistake though, this is a fast powerful kite chosen by some of the top pilots in the world and thus deserves some healthy respect.


Be it in a full blown race buggy or on ski's or landboard you can be sure that the Vapor has the power to put you in front!


Vapor 2 ( II) Improvements:


Bridge Rib Technology:
By integrating specially designed profile intersecting D-ribs the designer has now made it possible to skip 4 cells between bridle connection points, thereby reducing the number of bridle cascades to 8 (only 4 per side) while using more cells.

In comparison, the original Vapor had 10 bridle cascades (5 per side) even though it had less overall cells.

To ensure full support of the wing the placement of these profile intersecting D-ribs had to be carefully calculated to ensure optimal shaping of the wing when under pressure.


Balanced Brake Line Input:
The new Vapor responds somewhat different than it’s predecessor in this regard. While in the original Vapor the brakelines were mostly just used for steering, the brakes in the new Vapor also determine the kites power.
Once you find the ‘sweet spots’ for a certain wind speed, you’ll know this is a kite without competition.

Finding this ‘sweet spot’ is a very fine balancing act in all high end race kites, that requires the pilot to get perfectly in tune with their kite.

The Vapor presents this challenge without making you feel out of control or without having you fear that the kite may collapse or stall at any moment.


Unequaled Stability:
In order to win any race one needs to be able to focus on finding the ideal track without having to worry about the kite. To this end Peter Lynn's designers have created a kite that will stay in shape and in the air no matter what your course may be.

One good example is the upwind turn. Sometimes upwind turns require riding upwind to round the next buoy, while you’d normally have to tack to be able to make these turns, the new Vapor completely eliminates that need, enabling you to round these upwind turns faster than the competition.
Be amazed by how the kite simply stays in shape and in the air while it carries you through.

Adaptive Cross-Vents:
To ensure a clean airflow inside the kite and a fast recovery, all profiles and D-ribs have cross-vents in them. The most important function of cross-vents is equalizing the air pressure inside the kite; the better the cross-vents are positioned the easier a kite can recover after a collapse.

To maximize the effect of the cross-vents without compromising the structural integrity of the wing, our designer has carefully arranged the lay out of the cross-vents.

The ‘loaded’ profiles (the profiles with bridle attachment points) need to be strong and resilient therefore have fewer holes, whereas the ‘unloaded’ profiles have a lot more holes.

Tension Strap:
The tension strap is a technology that has been used in Peter Lynn Twinskin designs for over 15 years. Its function is to reduce the load/tension on the bottom skin of the kite while still allowing the bottom skin to bulge.

In the Vapor you will find that the tension strap only covers the middle 4 cells. This is due to the fact that the middle 4 cells divide the left and right and are least supported by bridling which results in a much greater force on these 4 cells. In turn, all other cells do not need the extra support of a tension strap as they are sufficiently supported by the bridling.



High Flying Speed:

The Peter Lynn Vapor is one of the fastest kites on planet Earth! Not just an empty boast but proven on the dry lake beds of Nevada in North America as well as helping John Jansen to realize his dream of winning the European Kite buggy championships.


The light wind performance of the larger sizes is truly outstanding and the manoeuverability of the bigger kites will be a welcome surprise. During final testing, Peter Lynn pilots were able to achieve speeds up to approx 30kph in virtually zero wind! At the other end of the scale the smaller kites you will find are blisteringly fast but never too much for the experienced rider to handle. The Vapor will give you the ride of your life!


Fast and Direct Steering:

The Peter Lynn Vapor is agile and has positive response to your steering input. You will be amazed by the fast and direct handling of this race kite. When riding with a Vapor, you have the ability to place the kite exactly where you want it. This enables you to accelerate faster and make turns quicker with full confidence. Even the largest sizes loop on short lines which will help you to get that extra bit of speed in your turns or downwind runs. After tight turns the Vapor will not stall out or hold back, it is always eager to fly and maintain its speed in flight helping you to get those winning results.


Good Stability:

The Vapor is unrivalled in its balance between performance and stability. This is partly due to the reflex designed into the kite’s profile which makes the kite very reluctant to collapse even in the most demanding conditions whilst not compromising performance in any way. Whether you’re cranking hard upwind, or running with the wind you will always feel in complete control. Although the Vapor is one of the highest performance kites in the world, it exhibits many of the more user friendly aspects commonly associated with kites of a much lower aspect ratio leaving you free to concentrate more on your riding.


Smooth but fast power build-up:

The power delivery of the Peter Lynn Vapor is smooth and fast. You won’t need to throw your kite around the window to get it up to speed! Its progressive and direct power will have you up there in no time. This means easier transitions around marks and maximizing speed through the turns giving you the opportunity of staying out in front!


Wind range

Peter Lynn Vapors are quite powerful kites for their size, so you don’t always need the biggest kite to win. Besides this, the Vapor has quite a big wind range. You can work the kite up to speed very easily. Due to the broad range of sizes and their large wind range per size you will notice there is a comfortable overlap of power between the sizes. The larger sizes have a higher aspect ratio compared to the smaller sizes which gives them a similar feel across the range. The smaller sizes are closer together giving pilots more choice over kite size when they really need it!


Low Lift

The Vapor has been designed with minimum lift characteristics. This is a big benefit to pilots carrying out high speed maneuvers and reduces the chances of being lifted from your buggy.


Comes Complete With:


  • Peter Lynn Vapor Kite - Chikara Sail, kite complete with pre-sleeved bridles.
  • Peter Lynn Vapor Kite Storage Bag - Waterproof style rucksack with zipper and pockets.
  • Peter Lynn Vapor Instructional Manual - Sticker and Keyring.

The Peter Lynn Vapor is only available as kite only (with bag).


*Line lengths in buggy riding/racing are preferential. Minimum required line strength is 200Kg steering lines and 100Kg brake lines.


The Peter Lynn Vapor is available in the following sizes: 2.2m², 3.2m², 3.8m², 4.4m², 5.2m², 6.2m², 7.3m², 8.6m², 10.1m², 12.0m², 14.1m²and 16.6m² .


Harnesses Power Kite Kiteboarding  Buggying Landboarding  Snowkiting * A Harness can be used with this kite but is not compulsory - click for harnesses >>
Power Kiting How-To Guide DVD
* You can learn how-to setup and fly four line kites using the Power Kiting How-To Guide DVD - click for info >>

Wind Range



Peter Lynn Vapor Features:

Variable Aspect Ratio:
The Peter Lynn Vapor benefits from variable aspect ratio throughout the range. Peter Lynn use a slightly lower aspect ratio on the smaller kites and a higher aspect on the larger sizes. The effect on this means a better handling and a more stable kite in the smaller sizes when flown in strong conditions. Having a higher aspect ratio on the larger size kites means more performance and better handling in lighter conditions. Peter Lynn have used four different aspect ratio's from AR5.0 - AR5.85 across the 12 kites within the Vapor range. This ensure the best performance for each kite in the range while still remaining similar in the way they fly.

Peter Lynn Vapor 4-Line Race Traction Kite

Precision designed and laser cut panels:
All panels of the kite are cut with a laser cutting machine. This method of cutting ensures each panel is cut with extreme accuracy and the edges of every profile are heat sealed to prevent any fraying. This means each kite has the perfected skin shape the designers have given it.

Peter Lynn Vapor 4-Line Race Traction Kite

Porcher Reinforcements inside the kite:

Reinforcements ensure maximum durability of your kite, as reinforcements distribute the load through larger sections of the kite. The Vapor has extra reinforcements in certain areas to increase strength exactly where needed; the reinforcements inside the kite, the skin shape is as smooth as possible. An example is the leading edge, which is reinforced with a narrow webbing piece hidden in the leading edge seam. Each bridle point is reinforced with Porcher adhesive spinaker to ensure a smooth distribution of the load from the bridles to the rest of the kite.

Peter Lynn Vapor 4-Line Race Traction Kite

Double cross-vented profiles:
Cross-vents allow the air inside the kite to move from one cell to the other. The cross-port venting on the Vapor has been designed to maximize this airflow and ensure an even internal pressure at all times thus keeping the cell shape as rigid as possible. The position of these vents has been carefully selected so that they are not placed in area of higher stress within the profile section ensuring maximum durability of the kite.

Peter Lynn Vapor 4-Line Race Traction Kite

Diagonal Ribs:
The amount of bridle is drastically reduced by the use of diagonal ribs (D-Ribs). To get the best Aerodynamic shape, the complete wing needs to be in a smooth arch shape. The wing is supported by the bridles, but bridles increase drag. By using D-ribs, the amount of bridle can drastically be reduced without making any sacrifices in support for the wing. This reduced drag increases the flying speed and strongly improves the upwind performance.

Peter Lynn Vapor 4-Line Race Traction Kite

Double needle stitched seams:
All seams on the Peter Lynn Vapor are stitched using a double needle machine, making the construction of the kite as strong as possible. Every part of the seam that may endure more load is back-tacked to prevent the stitching from breaking during use.

Peter Lynn Vapor 4-Line Race Traction Kite

Chikara fabric for top skin, bottom skin and profiles:
Materials are the main determinant for a kite to fly well or poorly. Peter Lynn have spent more than 15 years researching and developing kite materials. The material used in all Peter Lynn kites sets a high standard within the industry. For both top and bottom skins as well as the profiles it is important to find the right compromise between durability, rigidity and weight. Chikara Ripstop Nylon has the right rigidity so the wing stays in the right shape when placed under load, but still remains easy to form into various curved shapes without performance-reducing creasing. Chikara is lightweight and therefore makes your kite fly faster, especially in lighter winds. Chikara is coated on both sides, which prevents the kite from getting too heavy and unmanoeuvrable due to absorbing water. In addition, Chikara is very durable and is reinforced by Ripstop threads so it is resistant to tearing or other forms of damage, ensuring a product that will last for many years.

Peter Lynn Vapor 4-Line Race Traction Kite

Optimized Bridle Design:

Bridles support the wing but also creates drag. Finding the right balaned between wing support and drag is one of the most important factors in kite design. By optimizing the layout and careful placing of all suspension points result in minimal drag enhancing flying and speeds and upwind performance. The benfits of which give you a fast flying kite with the largest wind window at your disposal!

Peter Lynn Vapor 4-Line Race Traction Kite

Cousin Dyneema Bridles:

For the bridles lines, Peter Lynn use the finest materials available, made from pre-stetched SK75 Dyneema. The large amount of braids per centimetre gives the Dyneema a strong, smooth and tightly woven feel. The low elongation properties and incredible strength for its small diameter makes this the optimal line for the Peter Lynn Vapor. The bridle line is pre-stretched before making up to length and combined with its low elongation means that the bridles will maintain fatory trim even after kite loading. The overall result is a durable and dynamic connection between you and your wing.

Peter Lynn Vapor 4-Line Race Traction Kite

Spliced then stitched bridles:
Dyneema bridle is spliced and stitched. This is by far the most aerodynamic method of bridling available today. This method allows Peter Lynn to keep the drag to a minimum returing better performance from the kite and also ensures tangle free bridles simply because there is nothing for it to tangle on!

Peter Lynn Vapor 4-Line Race Traction Kite


B McEire >>


Absolutely excellent product. I ordered this kite last year and was initially hesitant I was just getting into kite buggying and wondered if I would get use out of it and I have. It is easily my favourite kite.


Briefly to describe my usual set-up, I kite buggy with a PL Competition XR+. I have tried a few other kites prior to the Vapor and the Vapor easily surpasses them in terms of responsiveness and ability to deal with gusts of wind.


Where I do most of my kite buggying the conditions are generally excellent, sometimes too good with winds up to Bf6 and gusts to Bf7. With experience though I have managed these conditions and yielded huge speeds and very enjoyable days out with the Vapor.


Upwind tacking is achievable in the vast majority of winds. However my true love of this kite is the responsiveness - it allows hairpin cornering and huge power slides.


Having owned this kite for 10 months I can say build quality is top notch, an excellent kite and I would recommend it.


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Peter Lynn Vapor Traction Race Kite

Peter Lynn Vapor 2 (II)

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Peter Lynn Vapor Traction Race Kite

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