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Cabrinha Link

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Cabrinha Link

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  • 4'3
  • 4'5
  • 4'7
  • 4'11


It was once thought that a sinker board was near on impossible to ride, but with the right design the gates to a whole new side of the sport are opened.

Introducing the Cabrinha Link, a purpose designed board that not only make entry to the world of sinker wing boards possible, it also takes the high level riding and freestyle to a new level through the varying volume options

With a large range of sizes and through the Adaptive Strap mounting options, the barrier of entry into sinker board riding has been broken.

With all new recessed deck, volume distribution and smoothed out tail shape, the Link helps you get up and going, but also releases back up when touching down after jumps.

Choose between 2 straps or a 3 strap stance option with a variety of angle degrees, based on your riding style.

Cabrinha Link Features:
  • NEW:  Refined outline for increased efficiency
  • NEW:  Recessed concave deck for more positive feedback
  • NEW:  Pulled in kick tail with simplified rail flow for efficiency, earlier flight and on-foil carving clearance
  • EPS Core, Light Weight and Buoyant
  • Soft nose rail with double concave for forgiving touchdown and softer landings
  • Refined rocker for a more balanced power transfer
  • Industry standard 9cm adjustable foil mount with position indicators
  • Sinker board design with balanced volume distribution
  • Angle adjustable 2 or 3 strap insert configuration
  • Full custom high-grip EVA deck pad
  • PVC reinforced deck
  • Double pvc/glass stringers
  • Carbon hybrid construction - reactive, lightweight
  • 4'3" x 19.5" x 3.6" (33 Litres)
  • 4'5" x 20.5" x 3.5 (42 Litres)
  • 4'7" x 21.0" x 3.94" (50 Litres)
  • 4'11" x 22.0" x 4.25" (60 Litres)


Included with the board: Full EVA deck pad and foil mounting hardware. Straps with mounting hardware sold separately.


Wind Range

Refined and balanced volume distribution allows for newcomers to venture into the next level of Wingfoiling of riding lower volume smaller boards as well as high level riders to push the boundaries.


The 3d Shaping on the bottom of the board helps during touch downs by dispersing water flow and reducing water adhesion. It also aids in getting up and going by helping with directional stability when not on the foil.


The planar deck shape allows for direct input and control over the foil, as well as a balanced feel under your feet.


The side cut Beveled rails not only help during hard carving maneuvers, but also help release the water flow when getting up and riding, and after a touch down.


The aggressive kick tail and side release channels allow for earlier flight by reducing the board stiction to the water and allowing the water in contact to flow and release.

Control Bar