Shinn Kiteboarding is a premium brand with a fresh new outlook. 

Freeride, Freestyle, Lightwinds, Women, Youth, Strapless and Wave 
riders will all find a deck in the range that has been designed with their
specific needs and demands in mind.

Shinn stands for innovation, performance, quality and a unique style.


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  • Shinn Monk Mental

    Shinn Monk Mental

    Your Price: £549.00
  • Shinn Ronson Player

    Shinn Ronson Player

    Your Price: £589.00
  • Shinn Monkette Gumbubble

    Shinn Monkette Gumbubble

    Your Price: £549.00
  • Shinn ADHD Clinic

    Shinn ADHD Clinic

    Your Price: £589.00
  • Shinn Superking XL Comfort

    Shinn Superking XL Comfort

    Your Price: £565.00
  • Shinn Superking

    Shinn Superking Classic

    Your Price: £555.00
  • Shinn Jackson Sunburner Foil - 145cm

    Shinn Jackson Sunburner Foil

    Your Price: £565.00
  • Shinn Shinnster Encore

    Shinn Shinnster Encore

    Your Price: £399.00
  • Shinn P-Foil

    Shinn P-Foil

    Your Price: £885.00
  • Shinn F-Foil

    Shinn F-Foil

    Your Price: £885.00
  • SALE
    Shinn Zeeko Alu Hover Foil

    Shinn Zeeko Alu Foil

    Regular Price: £849.00 - £849.00


    Save Over: 42%!

  • Shinn K-Foil

    Shinn K-Foil

    Your Price: £885.00
  • Shinn Mega K-Foil

    Shinn Mega K-Foil

    Your Price: £885.00
  • Shinn K2 Foil

    Shinn K2 Foil

    Your Price: £1,085.00
  • Shinn Sneaker SRS-1

    Shinn Sneaker SRS-1

    Your Price: £159.00
  • Shinn Sneaker SRSW

    Shinn Sneaker SRSW

    Your Price: £159.00
  • Shinn Sneaker 6

    Shinn Sneaker 6

    Your Price: £109.00
  • Shinn Kiteboarding Grab Handle

    Shinn Kiteboarding Grab Handle

    Your Price: £14.95
  • Shinn Foil Footstraps

    Shinn Foil Footstraps

    Your Price: £49.00
  • Shinn Aluminium Foil Mast

    Shinn Aluminium Foil Mast

    Your Price: £99.00
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