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Slingshot Rally 2018 SLE Kite >>

Slingshot Rally 2018 Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable

Slingshot Rally 2018 Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable


Slingshot Rally 2018 Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable


Slingshot Rally 2018 Features:

Open Delta-C:
Blends the C-Kite performance of raw power and direct feel with the latest advancements in 4-Line Delta Technology.


Resulting in a maximised wind range, excellent upwind ability, big hang time, quick relaunch and easy depower for safety.

Slingshot Rally 2015 Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable

One Pump:
One Pump is the leading inflation system available in the market today.
Slingshot's integrated single-point valve inflation system allows you to inflate your entire kite in 1 step, using 1 valve, with no pinching of the valves.

Slingshot Rally 2015 Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable

Connect Forward:
Steering lines are connected directly to the forward "sweet spot" geometry of the kite.

Now with three settings to micro-tune your bar pressure and turning speed preference.

Slingshot Rally 2016 Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable

Splitstrut Integration:
Splitstrut integrates the strut and canopy into one rigid wing creating a lighter, stable and more durable kite.
This construction is proven to enchance power delivery under heavy load and creates efficiency in the overall frame.

Slingshot Rally 2015 Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable

Tri-Tech Protection:
Ballistic Kevlar, Mark Cloth and Neoprene.


Individual scuff guards, strategically placed in the most vulnerable areas of the kite to optimize durability.

Slingshot Rally 2016 Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable

Surf Tough Seams:
Sets the standard for minimizing and containing canopy tears.


Now with improved, reinforced trailing edge durability.

Slingshot Rally 2016 Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable

Diamond Leech Trailing Edge:
Reduces flutter and aids canopy stability to maximize efficiency while still allowing the trailing edge to open and flex.

Slingshot Rally 2015 Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable

Pulley-Less Bridle Configuration:
Direct feel and precise control, with no lag time, delivers enhanced
responsiveness and unmatched upwind performance.

Slingshot Rally 2015 Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable

DP 175 Dacron:
DP 175 Dacron is a high tenacity, high modulus material that is extremely resistant to bias stretch and retains it's structure.


Used in every strut and leading edge.

Slingshot Rally 2015 Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable

Scuff Guard:
Protects the wing tips and leading edge against wear.

Slingshot Rally 2015 Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable

Slingshot Rally 2018 : £594.00 - £909.00
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Availability: 1-2 Days

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The Slingshot Rally will take you where you want to go. Upwind, downwind, back rolls, front rolls, mega boosts, waves or flat water, the Rally has done it all. It’s even crossed the Atlantic! The Rally inspires confidence, knowing that it will make you a better rider no matter what you’re up to, your on the right kite. Great range and depower, easy relaunch, solid upwind ability, predictable performance in gusty wind, lofty hang-time and solid crossover surf performance- if you’re looking for one kite that does everything well, you will find none better than the Rally.


The Rally features a Delta-C shape, tapered wingtips and fine-tuned three-point bridle system. This design yields more depower and a wider wind range than more traditional shapes and makes relaunching as easy as a gently pull on one end of the bar. Tapered wingtip provides a tight pivot radius for fast steering and mellow, predictable loops. For jumping, the Rally’s hybrid delta shape provides long, lofty airs that are great for staying under control and landing gently regardless of how high you go. For wave riding and foiling, the Rally’s feathery downwind drift makes the Rally the ideal cross-over performer, while on the opposite spectrum it also unhooks relatively well for cross-over freestyle/wakestyle.


Open Delta-C Shape:

Creating the industry's first Open Delta C-kite the Slingshot Rally and the new Open Delta C-kite platform will deliver all the desirable features of a Delta style kite coupled with the performance feel of a C-kite. The Rally is the choice for crossover freestyle and excellent in surf!


Proven Delta features such as low end power, responsive pivotal turning, endless lofty hang time, effortless relaunch and unbelievable range are matched with C-kite predictable power and uncompromised stability.


The 3-strut design of the Rally's Open Delta C harnesses and delivers smooth efficient power through the stoke and offers a light weight balanced build for maximum flight stability. Slingshot's industry first pulley-less bridle lends itself to a direct feel, enhanced responsiveness, and unmatched upwind performance.


Bridle Configuration:

The Rally features a compact-direct connect pulley-less bridle with three connection points (per side) on the leading edge and a single connection on the wingtips. This configuration is engineered to give the Rally its renowned range and depower, turning speed, easy of relaunch and unrivaled upwind performance. For customized performance, the Rally’s wingtip bridle can be connected at three different points, which allows for tuning of bar pressure, kite feedback and steering speed.


Customisable Bar Configuration:

The Rally features multiple attachment points that allow riders to fine-tune the kite’s handling and performances based on their riding style and the conditions of a particular session. This tuning is done quickly and easily and makes a big impact on the kite’s overall performance; you can choose different settings for boosting big, for unhooked freestyle, for user-friendly depower or for riding waves, to name a few.


Split-Strut Technology:

Ride with confidence and control with a stronger, more stable and more ridged canopy. Created by Slingshot, SplitStrut technology has become the gold standard in kite design. SplitStrut integrates the kite’s canopy and struts into one firmly interconnected piece. This is a major design element in all of Slingshot’s kites, and it results in a stronger, more stable and far more durable canopy. SplitStrut enhances power under heavy load and creates efficiency and rigidity in the overall frame.


Progressive freestyle, expert surf, high wind, low wind; do it all with the 2018 Rally!




  • Open Delta C-Kite Platform - giving low end power, responsive pivotal turning, endless lofty hangtime, effortless relauncha and unbelieveable range matched with C-kite predictable power and uncompromised stability.
  • Great for both Freestyle and Surf
  • Perfect for any rider looking to switch between flat water and waves
  • Easiest relaunch: suitable even for the novice rider
  • Slingshot patented One pump: the industry's original, proven and patented single point inflation system
  • NEW patent pending Centre Safety System: 100% depower safety and convenience below the bar
  • Split Strut Integrated Strut Design - Maximum durability, increased stability and shaping control enhances the power delivery under heavy load and creates efficiency in the overall frame.
  • Solid pivotal turns and excellent feel on the control bar
  • Customisable bar pressure
  • NEW 2018 Comp Stick control bar: direct feel, speed and responsiveness
  • Ride unhooked with full depower: most useful for wave riding
  • Fuel-like pull and grunt
  • Surf-tough seams reducing overall wear and tear
  • Mark cloth scuff guards
  • Massive boost: jump higher and float longer than ever before
  • Slingshot Legendary Construction: bomber quality
  • 4 Line simplicity

Slingshot Comp Stick / Sentinel (Above the Bar) Control Bar:

Slingshot Comp Stick / Guardian (Below the Bar) Control Bar:


Slingshot 2018 Package when sold complete:


  • Slingshot Rally 2018 Kite
  • 4 Line 2018 Comp Stick Control Bar (Active Stopper Ball Equipped)
  • 20m, 23m, or 27m line set
  • Newly redesigned kite backpack
  • Jenna J double pump
  • User manual
  • Product registration card
  • Slingshot's commitment to unsurpassed customer service

Sizes available: 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 11m, 12m and 14m.


**Prices shown are kite only - includes bag **


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Wind Range

Slingshot Rally Wind Range
Windrange (Knots)
Bar Size (inches)

Depower Control Bar

Slingshot Rally 2018 Comp Stick Guardian (Below the Bar Safety) 4-Line Control Bar:

Slingshot Rally 2014 Comp Stick Direct Drive Safey Depower Control Bar

Designed for the rider who demands absolute, uncompromising safety, performance and convenience in a custom 4 line configuration.


Truly innovative design and engineering with superior safety and performance in mind, Slingshot introduces the COMP STICK CONTROL BAR.


Built for ultimate control and confidence, the Compstick’s intuitive and streamlined below-the-bar depower and safety is unrivalled by any other bar on the market.


With continuous improvement in mind, Slingshot have added several upgrades to 2017 Compstick, including new molded floats and padded bar-ends, a revised EVA grip design, bar-end bungee line-keepers and an improvement in how the floats fold in for storage.


Slingshot Comp Stick Control System Design Elements:

Easy Reach Depower: Allowing consistent grunt and stability throughout the powerstroke.


Good for boosts, megaloops and predictably recovers.

Naish Cult 2010 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Guardian Safety System: The safety release has been rewroked from a pin to a clamp mechanism, which simplifies resetting the chicken loop assembly after it has been activated.


Improvements also include a re-sized chicken loop and a molded chicken-stalk assembly.

Naish Cult 2010 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Auto-Spin Swivel: Rotating component untwists centre lines and helps ensure proper safety function at all times.

Naish Cult 2010 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Active Stopper Ball: On-the-fly adjustment piece that allows riders to set the amount of throw on the bar.

Naish Cult 2010 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Rider Simplicity: Chicken loop, safety release and depower cleat integrated into one user-friendly component, elminating clutter on other parts of the control bar.

Naish Cult 2010 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Padded Bar Ends with Bungee Line Keepers: Preventing board dings and injuries, the padded bar ends will also keep your bar and lines organized while not in use.

Naish Cult 2010 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Redesigned Molded Floats: In addition to keeping the bar floating and protecting the rider from injury these new floats are slim and sleek.

Naish Cult 2010 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Improved Float Storage: Re-engineered to fold easily away for storage.

Naish Cult 2010 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Re-Designed EVA Grip: All-new non-slip grip texturing coupled with an ergonomic design to reduce hand fatigue in all conditions.

Naish Cult 2010 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Dual Pull Safety Handles: Primarily as a final safety release but can also be used for relaunching your kite off the water.

Naish Cult 2010 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Precision Cut 800lb Flying Lines: 60% stronger that the compeition's typical 500lb line.

Naish Cult 2010 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Re-designed leash with molded metal carabina: pgraded with a shorter overall length and sturdier molded-metal carabina clips for added strength.

Naish Cult 2010 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite



The Slingshot 2017 Comp Stick control bar, meets the needs of the Crossover rider who values uncompromising safety, performance and convenience in a tailored 4 line configuration.


The Rally is fantastic - M. Bithell >>


10m Rally, 65kg rider using 131 x 41 twin tip.


First impressions out of the bag – robust build, nice colours/design.


Inflating the kite is quick and easy with the one pump system. It’s a feature on most kite these days and is primarily a time saving feature which is nice to have but pumping strut bladders individually has never bothered me.

I love the pulley-less bridle. The direct feel through the bar means the kite is ultra responsive and you know where the kite is at all times without the need to look up which makes learning new tricks that little bit easier. Due to the fact there are no pulleys there is less to go wrong and less to replace.


There are different line attachment points on the kite that allows me to alter the bar pressure/kite feedback but to be honest I have left this alone so far. The standard setup works fine for me at the moment.

The bar is clean and easy to use. I was a bit wary about the below the bar de-power but I seem to have got used to it now. The quick release is simple and very effective when used. I like the spinner on the centre lines, very nice touch.

The adjustable stopper ball in the de-powerline enables you to lock in the power and lets you really go into turns powered up which always puts a smile on my face.

A simple four line configuration allows for quick and easy rigging.
The split strut design looks solid works fantastic in keeping the canopy taught during jumps. It also makes the kite more robust so dropping it in the surf is not so much of a worry.

The de-power range is huge, Even in stronger winds the Rally is more than manageable. There is plenty of low end grunt and I was quite surprised to get out on the 10m with a 131 x 40 board in 13 knots. Granted I only weigh 65kg but that still impressed me.

The Rally is a beast upwind and fantastic in the waves. Unhooked the kite simply will not over-fly and still feels so solid and as far as jumping ability goes the Rally is fantastic. I have managed some satisfying, floaty jumps so far. Best of all it makes me look good!


Overall I would say this kite would suit people who having the basics dialled in and want to progress their riding to the next level. That said I see no reason why you couldn’t use the Rally as your first kite. This kite will put a smile on your face and will take what ever you through at it.

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Slingshot Rally 2016 Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable
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Slingshot Rally 2018 Comp Stick Bar and Lines

Guardian (Below the Bar Depower ):
- 374.00
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- 374.00


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