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Wainman Hawaii Rabbit 1.0 Control Bar : £249.00

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Wainman Hawaii Rabbit 1.0 Control Bar

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  • Wainman Hawaii Rabbit 1.0 Control Bar
  • Wainman Hawaii Rabbit 1.0 Control Bar

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Wainman Hawaii Carrot Control Bar:

Chicken Loops:
Wainman Hawaii provide two chicken loops, one for hooked riding with the loop lock to avoid unhooking accidentally and another for easy unhooking for freestyle and wave riding.

Control Bar Quick Release:
Molded quick release makes it super simple to open and just as easy to reassemble. The quick release is very simple to perform. Just hold it and push it away from you. To re-assemble, pass the webbing through the ring, fold it and cover it with the quick release.

Handle Pass Leash / Quick Release:
The handle pass leash can be also be used as a front line leash. You can always release it by pushing away the little red tube. Use the same process for quick release on the leash. Hold it and push it away from you when you want to release.

Control Bar:
The control bar is made of 50% carbon-fibre and 50% fibreglass, which makes it really strong, even with its fairly small diameter. It will be perfect for beginners and expert riders alike who want a narrow bar for handle pass manoeuvres.

Centre Line Depower Rope:
The rope used for the centre line is a 5mm Dyneema rope with a PU tube to cover it and protect it.

The stopper ball is adjustable, if you don't like as much length on the centre line and want to reduce the de-power, then you can open the screw, slide the ball down and re-tighten.

Clam cleat / Magic Velcro:
The most accurate adjustment system, and also the easiest one. The Velcro will help you to keep the extra adjustment rope from flying around and bothering you.

Safety red balls / Swivel: 
In case of emergency, or if you just want to land your kite alone: you can grab the loop behind the red ball, and activate the quick release. The front line will slide through the ring above the swivel, killing all the power of the kite. The swivel allows you to always keep your front lines from twisting, which allows the safety balls to work properly. Wash it before and after your kite session.

Re-launch balls: 
The Rabbit re-launches by pulling one of the back lines when the kite falls and the leading edge is on the water. The re-launch will be easier when you grab the re-launch ball and pull it towards you.

Control Bar Floats:
The Floaters cover the back lines, which is then covered by PVC tubing. This will provide durability for your lines, and reduce the risk of tangling back lines around the bar ends in re-launching situations.

Control Bar Ends:
The end of the bar is smooth, providing a good feeling when steering. It also gives you all the space needed to roll up your lines and has a bungee inside to lock the lines onto the bar.

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