Trampa Boards are composite specialists, producing all terrain mountain boards, kite boards and street boards. Using their specially patented boards shape and material they vary the layer quantity used on their mountainboards and kiteboards.

Heat forms the material and the flex is determined by the number of layers used. The more layers used on the mountain and kite boards the stiffer the deck, and the shorter the deck length, the stiffer the deck also. So there's an ideal deck or board for every mountainboard or kiteboard rider to match their weight, height and riding style.

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  • Trampa 15 Degree Short Channel Truck Deck

    Trampa Short Channel Truck Deck

    Your Price: £175.00
  • Trampa 35 Degree Long Channel Deck

    Trampa Long Channel Deck

    Your Price: £199.00
  • Trampa Velcro Bindings - White

    Trampa Velcro Bindings

    Your Price: £64.95
  • Trampa Ratchet Bindings - Carbon

    Trampa Ratchet Bindings

    Your Price: £59.95
  • Trampa 12mm Hollow Axle Skate Truck - Blue

    Trampa 12mm Hollow Axle Skate Truck

    Your Price: £34.95
  • Trampa Titanium Skate Truck

    Trampa Titanium Skate Truck

    Your Price: £49.95
  • Trampa Vertigo Channel Truck

    Trampa Vertigo Channel Truck

    Your Price: £115.00
  • Trampa Hypa Hubs - Black

    Trampa Hypa Hub

    Your Price: £16.95
  • Trampa Superstar Hubs - Black

    Trampa Superstar Hubs

    Your Price: £24.95
  • Trampa Hypa Wheels - White / Blue

    Trampa Hypa Wheels

    Your Price: £27.50
  • Trampa Superstar Wheels - Silver Anodised / Black

    Trampa Superstar Wheels

    Your Price: £44.95
  • Trampa Landboard Grab Handle

    Trampa Landboard Grab Handle

    Your Price: £15.00
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