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Airush Session V2

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Airush Session Technology: 

Next Generation Aramid Load Frame:
The next generation Aramid Load Frame takes the biggest innovation in kite construction to a whole new level and is combined with the Technoforce D2 by Teijin, for the ultimate mix of durability and lightweight performance. For wave performance, this optimised weight is essential for improved drift stability, while the load frame makes all the difference when additional durability is required.

Technoforce D2:
This premium fabric is used in conjunction with the Aramid Load frame for the ultimate combination of durability and performance. Ongoing testing has highlighted the lowest stretch and highest long-term reliability of any materials available.

Airush Frame Technology: 
The Airush Load Frame featuring WebTech has been the key to setting the ultimate benchmark in durability, without compromising on weight. By expanding Load Frame with WebTech throughout the areas normally occupied by Dacron, Aiush are able to minimize or completely remove the heavier fabric and utilize the Ballistic high-modulus polyethylene web fibres instead giving increasing strength and minimizing weight.

3-Strut Configuration:
The kite suits multiple styles and riding skills. The 3-Strut configuration makes the kite steadier in high winds, but also improves turning speed and low end power. This structure also assures a lightweight construction. The kite is powered up through a simple and fast One Pump inflation system and it feels very agile from the first launch. The Smart Bar can be adjusted to 45 or 55 centimeters, depending on the rider’s choice.

Optional Fixed or Pulley Bridle System:
The Wave is supplied with two sets of bridles, which can be interchanged using the same bridle attachment points. For the classic Airush feel of smooth depower and ease of use, the standard pulley bridle is recommended. The Longer bar throw means that you get a controlled longer depower range, keeping your backlines tight even at full depower. The new fixed bridle adds another dimension for the intermediate to advanced rider. It offers a direct response and uses less bar input for immediate steering and more crisp feel.

One Pump Valves:
Increased wall thickness and oversized diameter of the tubing eliminates tube kink and reduces stress on your pump, which facilitates quick and easy inflation.

Leading Edge Seams:
A Leading Edge connection seam with a slick 19mm soft webbing reinforcement to handle harder crashes. Increased mark cloth sections at the front of all canopy seams at the leading edge to stop stitching and seam wear points.

Airush Lithium 2012 Water Relaunchable LEI KiteAirframe Kite Technology:
AFT distributes the load off all stitch lines on all main panels of the canopy area on impact during a crash, while the outer frame features gradient load wingtips.


Airush Lithium 2012 Water Relaunchable LEI KiteIncreased Diameter Tubing:
Increased wall thickness and oversized diameter of the tubing eliminates tube kink and reduces stress on your pump which infiltrates a quick and easy inflation.



Airush Lithium 2012 Water Relaunchable LEI KiteGradient Load Wingtips:
Gradient Load wingtips integrate progressive density cloth in the high load areas radiating from the attachment points.


Airush Lithium 2012 Water Relaunchable LEI Kite

Four-Piece Struts:
The new 4-piece strut has add a double folded straight stitch seam aligned with a 20mm wide webbing strip to reduce points of wearing. This increases durability and rigidness of the struts in all Airush kites.

Airush Lithium 2012 Water Relaunchable LEI Kite

Unity Strut Connection:
The Unity Strut Connection provies a solid point connection from the struts to the leading edge to facilitate relaunch when the kite is in the water and helps to create a stable and rigid wing.

Airush Lithium 2012 Water Relaunchable LEI KiteAirush Pulley:
On the Pulley bridle setup, these pulleys are made of tough Zytel material for high strength and resistance to abrasion and impact, the Airush pulley has the pigtails hole directionally correct to eliminate bridle wear. With a breaking strength of 550kg, the Airush Pulley was designed specifically for use on all Airush kites. 


Airush Session:

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