Choosing a Wing or Wrist Leash

Choosing a Wing or Wrist Leash - Powerkiteshop
Why choose a waist leash?

With multiple combinations of positions on the body and coiled construction, a Waist Leash is the go-to leash set-up for wing foiling, allowing the hands to be free to focus on grip rather than moving the leash away. An easy-access release separates the belt from the cord if the need should arise.

The Ride Engine Quick Release Bungee Waist Leash is an alternative to a coiled cord for wing foiling.

The Quick Release Bungee Waist Leash is built with a heavy-duty, webbing-sheathed elastic bungee that's durable and stays out of the way by hanging lower than a coiled cord.

The comfortable, padded, easy-to-adjust waist belt comes equipped with a secure quick release out of the way when riding yet easy to access when needed.

Why choose a wrist leash?

How and where you connect your wing leash to your body is always debatable.

Ride Engine Recoil Wrist Leash

The coiled urethane cord keeps everything high and tidy when riding and more manageable when getting on the board. In addition, if you use a harness while winging, the on-wrist connection will limit accidental hooking in of your leash.

For wing foilers that like to keep the leash low and out of the field of view as much as possible, the Ride Engine Quick Release Bungee Wrist Leash is the ticket.
This high-strength, webbing-sheathed bungee comes equipped with an ultralight, easy-to-use, single-hand cuff that features a quick release in case of emergencies.