Ralf Groesel joins F-One

Ralf Groesel joins F-One - Powerkiteshop

F-One is proud to announce the addition of Ralf Groesel to its team as kite designer alongside Robert Graham, from July 1 on. With an outstanding career in pivotal roles and focusing on the development of new designs and technologies, Ralf Groesel has undeniably impacted and significantly contributed to the kiteboarding industry over the last 25 years.

Ralf Groesel’s journey in kite design started at the age of 14 with a passion for paragliding. At only 20, he founded his first company, Flysurfer, before moving on to key positions at major kite companies such as Boards & More where he designed the vast majority of Duotone’s kites. Continuously looking to innovate, he recently parted ways with Duotone and opened his own production facility, Brainchild, where he continues to implement new technologies and innovative techniques for wind-sport related products while still designing kites.

Recognized for his commitment to R&D and to pushing the sport forward, Ralf Groesel brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion to F-ONE, all while sharing a common vision for the future of the kiteboarding industry in terms of innovation, sustainability, and accessibility.

Julien Salles, Brand Manager of F-ONE, said: “It is an incredibly exciting opportunity to welcome such an exceptionally skilled and experienced individual to F-ONE. His energy, passion and vision align perfectly with F-ONE‘s, making him a great fit for our team. Together, we can achieve great things that will elevate our sports.”

Ralf Groesel said: “For me, it is very motivational to join a company with such a heritage and history within the kiteboarding industry. F-ONE has created extraordinary products in the past, and together with the team, I will take this DNA and create products pushing the sport further.”

Ralf Groesel‘s addition to F-ONE marks an exciting new chapter for the brand.