Snowkite / Snowkiting Frequently Asked Questions:

Getting Started Snowkiting at Powerkiteshop

Starting the sport without any knowledge?

Powerkiteshop’s trained staff who all fly kites are always keen to help you, but first, check out our most commonly asked questions to get you started.

If you have a question that hasn't been answered here - you can simply call us on +44 (0) 121 544 9514 and we will be pleased to hear your query!


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What is Snowkiting ? :

Getting Started Snowkiting at Powerkiteshop

Snowkiting gives you the freedom to move with either your snowboard or skis across numerous types of terrain including, slopes, half-pipes and mountain riding using a kite as a form of traction across flats and even back up the slopes.

The sport also encompasses high speed runs on ice at speeds over 60mph.




How does Snowkiting work ? :

Getting Started Snowkiting at Powerkiteshop

Snowkiting has similarities to kitesurfing and kite landboarding.

Using the kite as your power source and resisting its pull the power is transmitted to your board or skis.

By manoeuvring the kite and board it will enable you to pick up speed, perform tricks, and get airs even in low winds.

The kite can provide so much lift it will actually help you balance on your board or skis and allow the skilled pilot to easily achieve big airs.

Once moving you quickly speed up as the power of the kite pulls you forward.



Why should I buy a kite specific Snowkiteboard ? :

Getting Started Snowkiting at Powerkiteshop

A typical Snowboard is designed for carving, powder or piste, beginner or pro.

Snow Kiters are likely to load a board up much more than a typical downhiller so is shaped accordingly, if you have the choice and snowkiting is all you're going to do then invest in the snow kiteboard

We’re all different sizes, heavier pilots may require more larger / wider boards, or they may be physically stronger, hold more power and so require a smaller board.

Lighter weight pilots will generally only require a small board but may need a larger board for those lighter wind days or if conditions are soft.

Skill level will often be the determining factor regarding equipment choice and use.

Consider yourself - Weight and Height.

If you are not comfortable on the board it can spoil your fun and capability so it pays to choose wisely.

What kite can I learn to Snowkite with ? :

Getting Started Snowkiting at Powerkiteshop

When you are purchasing your first kite you want to buy one that you are going to get maximum use out of.

RAM-Air Foil Kites:
Four Line handle foil kites are safe, precise and easy to use and give you the maximum manoeuvrability over your kite. Four line handles allow you to slow the kite down, stop it in mid-air, reverse the kite, park it on the ground and if it crashes on it's nose - reverse launch the kite back into the air. This makes them ideal for first time snowkiters. 

Four line control bar foils have built-in safety systems enabling you to launch and land your kite on your own. The power of the kite is distributed across both arms for easier flying but at the same time, less control is available due to their overall setup.

Check out some of the suitable options below:

HQ Beamer >>

Peter Lynn Hornet >>

PKD Buster Soulfly Pro >>          

Ozone Ignition (Junior) >>

Ozone Octane >>

Flexifoil Rage >>

HQ Scout >>      

HQ Rush Pro (Junior) >>

Depowerable Kites:
Depowerable kites allow you to use a single kite over a much larger wind range. This is achieved by the depower control bar and bridle system that can be adjusted to alter the amount of power generated as you ride.

Bring the bar closer to you will increase the kites power. Pushing the depower control bar away will decrease the kites power but also increase the kites speed as the kites angle of attack changes.

A harness is essential for using depowerable kites. However you can fly them in light wind conditions without the benefit of depower.

Depowerable foil kites are easy to launch, land and pack away allowing for easy travelling off-piste and solo snow-kiting.

For people with competent kite flying experience or looking to get involved in snowkiting, consider a depowerable foil kite between 8-10m in size for use in a majority of wind and snow conditions, if deeper snow conditions prevail you're going to need a bigger kite.

Check out some of the suitable options below:

Ozone Access >>

HQ Apex >>

HQ Montana >>          

Peter Lynn Lynx >>

Ozone Frenzy >>

Peter Lynn Phantom >>

Ozone Summit >>      

Flysurfer Speed >>

Inflatable / Single Skin Kites:
Inflatable and single skin kites are built mainly for kiteboarding and other water based activities but are very popular for all types of riding. It is imperative that pilots learn how to fly first and how all of the safety systems operate before venturing off-piste.

Be aware that different kites of equal size can handle and lift very differently. It is far easier to learn with a smoother, predictable, steadier flying kite than a high performance kite.

Remember that some days the equipment you own just will not be suitable, the wind may be too strong to fly safely - any kite flown in too stronger wind can be dangerous. Some days the wind will be frustratingly light to achieve what you have set out to do. Limits either way may also be determined by pilot skill level.

For people with competent kite flying experience or looking to get involved in kiteboarding, consider a 4-line kite between 9 - 12m in size for use in a majority of wind conditions.

Check out some of the suitable options below:

Wainman Rabbit >>

F-One Bandit >>

Slingshot RPM >>

Core GTS-3 >>

Ozone C4 >>


Slingshot Fuel >>

North Neo >>

Is there anyway I can protect my Snowkiteboard from scratches ? :

Getting Started Snowkiting at Powerkiteshop

Powerkiteshop have kiteboard travel board bags to help you protect your kites and snowboard / skis when travelling.

From single board bag options to fully protecting your kites, boards and skis for quick trips to your local spot or your worldwide trip of a lifetime.

Check out our range of Kiteboarding Bags here >>




Do I need a Harness ? :

Getting Started Snowkiting at Powerkiteshop

A harness is used to take the strain off your arms, allowing you to fly in stronger winds and reduce overall fatigue.

A harness is not essential when you first start out. Harnesses can be used for either 4-line handles or control bar. Depowerable kites require a harness to function correctly.

Personal preference for choosing a harness is the key. Simply find a harness that is comfortable for you.

Seat harnesses fit around the legs and lower back giving you lots of support and hip protection. These harnesses stop any chance of the harness riding up your body when the kite is overhead. They are particular good if you are wearing thick fleeces etc that wouldn't resist against harness movement.

Waist harnesses fit around the lower back and abdomen giving you freedom of movement for technical manoeuvres.

For advice on selection call Telephone + 44 (0) 0121 544 9514

Click here for our range of Harnesses and accessories >> 

Do I need Safety Gear such as a Helmet ? :

Getting Started Snowkiting at Powerkiteshop

Safety is paramount and snow kiting as with any extreme sport can be a dangerous.

It is recommended you wear a minimum of a helmet for any traction activities such as snowkiting.

Safety methods and devices are being reviewed and updated all of the time.

For advice on selection call Telephone + 44 (0) 0121 544 9514

Click here for our range of Safety Gear and Helmets >>


Will Kite Landboarding or Kitesurfing help my Snowkiting skills ? :

Getting Started Snowkiting at Powerkiteshop

Kitelandboarding and Kitesurfing are great ways to learn the principles of Snowkiting and vice versa. 

Snowkiting gear remains useable wherever or whatever land based sport you may be doing.

If the wind drops or the snow melts - get onto the beach, grab your Landboard or Kitesurf board and cross-train!

Certain kites used in snow kites are not recommended for use on water, be sure and check.

For advice on selection call Telephone + 44 (0) 0121 544 9514

Click here for our range of Kite Landboards  >>

Click here for our range of Kite Boards  >>


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