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You’re never too young to start kite flying and with the ever
increasing number of younger people taking part in kiting we 
thought it was time to give our younger riders their own section. 

There's a whole host of equipment focused for kids including
children's specific kites, harnesses and boards. Whether they
are just starting out or already an aspring kiteboarder,
Powerkiteshop has the kit to suit all levels of riding. 


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  • Cross Kites Air - Blue / Green

    Cross Kites Air

    Your Price: £27.00
  • Mystic Vandal Pro Helmet - Black

    Mystic Vandal Pro Kiteboard / Wake Safety Helmet

    Your Price: £89.95
  • Peter Lynn Hype Play

    Peter Lynn Hype Play

    Your Price: £59.00
  • Peter Lynn Skim

    Peter Lynn Skim

    Your Price: £229.00
  • Flysurfer Peak 3-Line Trainer

    Flysurfer Peak 3-Line Trainer

    Your Price: £165.00
  • Mystic Vandal Helmet - Olive

    Mystic Vandal Kiteboard / Wake Safety Helmet

    Your Price: £64.95
  • HQ4 Fluxx

    HQ4 Fluxx

    Your Price: £59.95
  • Spider Kites Amigo DC - 1.55m

    Spider Kites Amigo DC

    Your Price: £48.99
  • HQ Symphony Beach 1.8m Kite

    HQ Symphony Beach 3 (III) Power Kite

    Your Price: £29.95
  • Peter Lynn Hype Trainer - 1.5m

    Peter Lynn Hype Trainer

    Your Price: £82.00
  • HQ Symphony Pro 2.2m Power Kite

    HQ Symphony Pro Power Kite

    Your Price: £49.95
  • Cross Kites Boarder Trainer Kite

    Cross Kites Boarder Trainer

    Your Price: £49.95
  • Ozone Go V1 Trainer Kite

    Ozone Go 2-Line Trainer

    Your Price: £155.00
  • Peter Lynn Uniq (TR) Trainer - 1.0m

    Peter Lynn Uniq (TR) Trainer

    Your Price: £109.95
  • North Pioneer Trainer

    North Pioneer Trainer

    Your Price: £299.00
  • Duotone Lizard Trainer

    Duotone Lizard Trainer

    Your Price: £189.00
  • Ozone Ignition V3 - Orange

    Ozone Ignition V3

    Your Price: £199.00
  • Peter Lynn Impulse TR 2.0m

    Peter Lynn Impulse TR

    Your Price: £155.00
  • HQ4 Hydra

    HQ4 Hydra Kitesurf Trainer Kite

    Your Price: £235.00
  • HQ4 Rush Pro

    HQ4 Rush Pro

    Your Price: £165.00
Showing items 1 to 20 of 79 total
Set Descending Direction
All 20 200 400

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