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Kiteboarding Kites

The majority of kiteboarding kites have leading edge inflatable bladders, known also as LEI kites. The inflated bladders give the kite its shape and also keeps the kite floating once dropped in the water.

These kites are very efficient and often incorporate a depower system.

If the kite you choose is not a Leading Edge Inflatable kite, choose a kite that can still re-launch off the water with the greatest of ease. It is imperative that pilots learn on land first.

Starting the sport without any knowledge?

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Kiteboarding Kites

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  • Cabrinha Moto-XL Apex

    Cabrinha Moto-XL Apex

    Your Price: £2,079.00
  • Cabrinha Moto-X Apex

    Cabrinha Moto-X Apex

    Your Price: £1,719.00
  • Duotone Rebel SLS - Blue / Grey

    Duotone Rebel SLS

    Your Price: £1,649.00
  • Duotone Vegas

    Duotone Vegas

    Your Price: £1,279.00
  • NEW
    Duotone EVO - Mint / Dark Grey

    Duotone EVO

    Your Price: £1,189.00
  • Duotone EVO SLS - Vanilla

    Duotone EVO SLS

    Your Price: £1,549.00
  • Duotone EVO D/Lab

    Duotone EVO D/Lab

    Your Price: £2,159.00
  • SALE
    Duotone EVO

    Duotone EVO

    Regular Price: £1,459.00 - £2,123.95


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  • Duotone Dice - Mint

    Duotone Dice

    Your Price: £1,049.00
  • NEW
    Duotone Dice SLS - Lime / Dark Grey

    Duotone Dice SLS

    Your Price: £1,419.00
  • Duotone Neo - Mint

    Duotone Neo

    Your Price: £1,029.00
  • Duotone Neo SLS - Blue / Mint

    Duotone Neo SLS

    Your Price: £1,419.00
  • Duotone Mono - Vanilla

    Duotone Mono

    Your Price: £859.00
  • Duotone Neo D/Lab

    Duotone Neo D/Lab

    Your Price: £2,259.00
  • Duotone Juice - Yellow

    Duotone Juice

    Your Price: £1,639.00
  • Duotone Juice D/Lab

    Duotone Juice D/Lab

    Your Price: £2,959.00
  • Duotone Capa

    Duotone Capa

    Your Price: £1,449.00
  • North Reach - Green

    North Reach

    Your Price: £1,109.00
  • North Carve - Red

    North Carve

    Your Price: £1,019.00
  • North Orbit - Turquoise

    North Orbit

    Your Price: £1,219.00
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