2 / 3 Line Kites

Normally two and three kites are a lot less powerful than traction kites but allow you to learn kite skills in relative safety.

The control are simple and easy to learn in a day! It should be noted that some of these kites when stacked can generate an enormous amount of lift. The same warning should apply in strong wind conditions.

Suitable for recreational flying.

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2 / 3 Line Kites

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  • HQ Symphony Beach 1.3m Kite

    HQ Symphony Beach 3 (III) Power Kite

    Your Price: £22.49
  • Cross Kites Air - Blue / Green

    Cross Kites Air

    Your Price: £27.00
  • HQ Symphony Pro 2.2m Power Kite

    HQ Symphony Pro Power Kite

    Your Price: £39.95
  • NEW
    HQ4 Fluxx

    HQ4 Fluxx

    Your Price: £49.95
  • SALE
    Peter Lynn Uniq Play

    Peter Lynn Uniq Play

    Regular Price: £49.95 - £67.00


    Save Over: 20%!

  • Peter Lynn Hype

    Peter Lynn Hype

    Your Price: £53.95
  • Cross Kites Boarder Trainer Kite

    Cross Kites Boarder Trainer

    Your Price: £48.00
  • Duotone Lizard Trainer

    Duotone Lizard Trainer

    Your Price: £189.00
  • North Pioneer Trainer

    North Pioneer Trainer

    Your Price: £299.00
  • SALE
    Peter Lynn Uniq (TR) Trainer

    Peter Lynn Uniq (TR) Trainer

    Regular Price: £134.95 - £160.95


    Save Over: 21%!

  • SALE
    HQ4 Rush Pro

    HQ4 Rush Pro

    Regular Price: £165.00 - £205.00


    Save Over: 3%!

  • Peter Lynn Impulse TR

    Peter Lynn Impulse TR

    Your Price: £145.00
  • Ozone Go V1 Trainer Kite

    Ozone Go 2-Line Trainer

    Your Price: £155.00
  • Flysurfer Peak 3-Line Trainer

    Flysurfer Peak 3-Line Trainer

    Your Price: £165.00
  • HQ4 Hydra

    HQ4 Hydra Kitesurf Trainer Kite

    Your Price: £235.00
  • Peter Lynn Skim

    Peter Lynn Skim

    Your Price: £219.00
Showing items 16
Set Descending Direction
All 20 200 400

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