4-Line Kites

Power Kites are excellent for an entry level kite.

Four line power kites offer more control and allow you to slow the kite down, stop it in mid-air, reverse the kite, park it on the ground and if it crashes on it's nose - reverse launch the kite back into the air. This makes them ideal for landboarding, buggying, snowkiting or flying recreationally.

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4-Line Kites

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  • Cross Kites Quattro

    Cross Kites Quattro

    Your Price: £113.00
  • SALE
    HQ4 Alpha

    HQ4 Alpha

    Regular Price: £159.00 - £196.00


    Save Over: 7%!

  • Peter Lynn Uniq Quad

    Peter Lynn Uniq Quad

    Your Price: £147.95
  • Peter Lynn Hornet 4 (IV)

    Peter Lynn Hornet 4 (IV)

    Your Price: £181.95
  • HQ4 Beamer

    HQ4 Beamer

    Your Price: £184.99
  • Peter Lynn Twister 4 (IV)

    Peter Lynn Twister 4 (IV)

    Your Price: £258.95
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