Airush AMP V4 Carbon - Powerkiteshop
Airush AMP V4 Carbon - Powerkiteshop
Airush AMP V4 Carbon - Powerkiteshop
Airush AMP V4 Carbon - Powerkiteshop

Airush AMP V4 Carbon

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Airush AMP V4 Carbon

£999.00 GBP


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  • 5'2"
  • 5'4"
  • 5'6"


The Airush AMP is a legendary all-around surf shape that combines a flat rocker for high speed and control, with a higher curve outline for optimal drive and manoeuverability.

The fuller nose aids the low wind performance, whilst the single to double concave absorbs chop effortlessly.

The AMP sets a new performance standard in smaller wave and strapless riding.

Available in Reflex Carbon Innegra, the lightest in construction innovation without compromising durability,

  • Medium Nose Rocker – Smaller Wave Performance
  • Medium Centre Rocker – Optimal Drive
  • Medium Tail Rocker – High Speed & Control
  • Wide Nose – Low Wind Performance
  • Central Wide Point – Control & Maneuverability
  • Narrow Tail – Control At Speed
  • Carbon Innegra top deck & biaxial carbon bottom.
  • Tough sandwich layer top deck & bottom.
  • Unpainted rail for increased durability.

The lightest performance construction on the market with increased flex and response. Our flyweight core utilizes a unique molding process to create an extremely light center with a dense outer skin. This is then sandwiched with durable Carbon Innegra.


5’2” (157cm)  x  18.5″ (47cm)  x  2.2″ (5.6cm)  - 22.5L
5’4” (163cm)  x  19” (48.3cm)  x   2.3” (5.8cm)  -  25.4L
5’6” (168cm)  x  19.5” (49.5cm)  x  2.4” (6.1cm)  -  28L

**Price include footbeds and fins**


Wind Range
Control Bar