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Training at Powerkiteshop

Starting out can be tricky, especially if you have no-one to teach you the basics of either power kiting, buggying, landboarding or kiteboarding.

Our trained staff who all fly kites are always here to help you, but to give you a head start, Powerkiteshop have chosen some of the best guides available to get you up and moving in the right direction for every area of our sport.


Power Kite Sports - Power Kiting / Traction Kites / Depowerable Kites / Training / Lessons:

Training at Powerkiteshop

Powerkiting isn't rocket science. Training for land based sports was essential only a few years back due to the lack of control and safety systems.

Today, kites are now more predictable, safer and easier to use than ever before and the costs of setup's are now cheaper. A degree of common sense will get you power kiting safely.

There's no substitute for hands-on experience but if you dont have the time for multiple visits to the beach or local fields with an instructor only to find there being no wind or the conditions just too blustery then the POWER KITING HOW-TO GUIDE is probably exactly what you're looking for!

This DVD will allow you to train in your own time and allow you to go through every step over and over again as opposed to trying to learn everything in a single training session! 

No matter what type of kite you use or what type of buggy or board you ride, the POWER KITING HOW-TO GUIDE will take you through each manoeuvre step-by-step, highlighting key points, common mistakes and guidelines on what type of equipment may be best for you!

From explaining the wind window to pulling off your first kiteloop, the POWER KITING HOW-TO GUIDE is packed with over 2.5 hours of tutorials designed to help you with manoeuvres you are currently working on.

Complete with subtitles, narration and music options, this DVD will give you the opportunity to study and learn the techniques at your own pace.

This DVD has also been endorsed by the British Power Kitesports Association (BPKA).

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KITES - 2-Line Control, 4-Line Handles, 4-Line Control Bar, Depower, Setting Up, Assisted Launch, Launching, Steering, Safety Systems, Landing, Assisted Landing, Packing Away

BUGGIES - Getting Started, Moving, Stopping, Downwind, Upwind, Reverse, 2-wheel manoeuvres, Flatland 180’s, 360’s, 720’s, Transitions, Ramp Jumps, Aerials, Sidewinders, Rotational Aerials, Kitelooping

LANDBOARDS - Getting Started, Moving, Stopping, Transitions, Toeside Riding, Carving, Jumps, Grabs, Rotations, Riding Blind, Manuals, Pop-Shovits, Pop-Throwits, Foot-Outs, Board-Offs, Foot-Out Back Pass, Ramps/Sliders, Kitelooping, Handlespasses

BUGGY BIKE - Getting Started, Moving, Stopping, Downwind Turn, Slide

INLINE BOARDING - Getting Started, Moving, Stopping, Downwind Turn, Carving, Toeside, Jumps


Kite Surfing / Kiteboarding / Kite Boarding / Kitesurfing / Training / Lessons:

Training at Powerkiteshop

Kitesurfing can be dangerous however, todays kites are now far more predictable, safer and easier to use than ever before and the costs have got even cheaper.

Powerkiteshop still recommend attending at least one kiteboarding lesson with a qualified instructor to allow you to get into the water with safety and understand the basics of this exhiliarating sport.

With this in mind however we would still recommend obtaining a training DVD so you can go back through what you have learnt on the day as well as allowing you to progress further with the detailed DVD's that are now available.


Professional kitesurfers show each step of the learning process in a clear, concise, and easily replicated way. From setting up the kite to your first jump, Progression: Beginner safely demonstrates easy-to-learn ways to master kitesurfing.

As a fully authorised IKO instructional DVD, you can rest assured that Progression: Beginner will enhance the learning process, being the perfect companion to professional instruction.

Narration in the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Portuguese.


Location and Conditions , Equipment and Terminology, Kite Setup, Launching and Landing, Kite Flying, Body Dragging, Re-launch and Self Rescue, Waterstart, Riding and Staying Upwind, Change of Direction, Jumping.

With over 2.5 hours of meticulous instruction, slow motion run-throughs, and common problem analysis, you’ll progress to intermediate level in no time! Don’t expect to watch the DVD from start to finish each time, just focus in on the sections that you are currently looking to improve upon.

So many people learn to kite and then struggle for months or even years trying to move on and progress through to the areas of kitesurfing that excite people in the first place.

The KITEBOARDING PROGRESSION SERIES aim to get you riding confidently, staying upwind, carving turns and jumping into the sky.


Powerkiteshop Getting Started Guides:

Getting Started at Powerkiteshop

Choosing your equipment can be confusing, especially if you are buying for a friend, relative or starting the sport without any knowledge.

Our trained staff who all fly kites are always here to help you, but to get you into the mood, Powerkiteshop have devised a quick tip guide to choose the right equipment for every area of the sport.


Quick Links:

Kiteboarding - Kite Surfing / Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing:

Getting Started Kiteboarding at Powerkiteshop

Kite surfing is not only one of the most exhilirating aspects of power kiting - it can also be one of the most dangerous.

Starting out with kit that is too advanced or not properly maintained can cause real problems in the water.

Check out our KITESURFING GETTING STARTED section for the latest info.

See more info here >>


Power Kiting - Entry Level Kites / Power Kites / Traction Kites / Depowerable Kites:

Getting Started Power Kiting at Powerkiteshop

Starting the sport without any knowledge?

From beginner to advanced - check out Powerkiteshop's POWER KITING GETTING STARTED section for what to look for when entering the world of Power Kiting. 

Including frequently asked questions.

See more info here >>



Kite Buggying - Kite Buggy / Buggy Racing / Freestyle Buggying:

Getting Started Kite Buggying at Powerkiteshop

There are so many options to choose from when buggying.

Freestyle, Racing, Competition, Safari - they can all determine what type of equipment you need to buy.

Check out our frequently asked questions in our
 KITE BUGGYING GETTING STARTED section for the latest info.

See more info here >>



Kite Landboarding - Kite Ground Boarding (KGB) / Kite Mountainboarding:

Getting Started Kite Landboarding at Powerkiteshop

Choosing what board to go for when starting out or as your next step can be a daunting challenge.

Freestyle, racing or safari activities can apply different pressures to your equipment.

Check out the
 KITE LANDBOARDING GETTING STARTED section for the latest info.

See more info here >>



Snow Kiting - Kite Snowboarding / Snow Kite / Snow Kiting:

Getting Started Snow Kiting at Powerkiteshop

Going off-piste? Free-riding? Freestyling? Booking a trip out with the kit you already have? Kite and board selection will determine how you can get the best out of your kit.

Practicality is the key for snow kiting and you can easily get into danger with adverse weather conditions.

Check out the SNOW KITING GETTING STARTED section for the latest info.

See more info here >>



Harnesses - Kiteboarding / Power Kiting Waist / Seat Harnesses:

Getting Started Snow Kiting at Powerkiteshop

A harness is used intially to take the strain off your arms, allowing you to fly in stronger winds and reduce overall fatigue.

Finding a harness that best suits your activity can determine whether you need a flexible or supportive harness.

Check out the HARNESS GETTING STARTED section for the latest info.

See more info here >>



Wetsuits - Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing:

Getting Started Snow Kiting at Powerkiteshop

Need to keep warm while on the water but not sure which one to choose?

Finding a compromise between warmth and flexibility can determine which type of wetsuit you will need.

Check out the WETSUITS GETTING STARTED section for the latest info.

See more info here >>



Fins - Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing:

Getting Started Snow Kiting at Powerkiteshop

A fin is initially used to edge against the pull of the kite giving you the option to change your board speed as well as an easier change of direction.

Choosing the configuration of your fins though can determine how much speed and grip your board can give you.

Check out the FINS GETTING STARTED section for the latest info.

See more info here >>



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