Wheels / Tyres

Replacement genuine parts for all manufacturers of landboards will help you maintain, upgrade and replace every component of your kite landboard.

From bolts to bearings and wheels to rims we have it all to keep you moving!

If you have a question that hasn't been answered here - you can simply call us on +44 (0) 121 544 9514 and we will be pleased to hear your query!

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Wheels / Tyres

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  • MBS Mountainboard Rockstar Pro Hubs

    MBS Mountainboard Rockstar Pro Hubs

    Your Price: £79.00
  • MBS Rockstar II Hubs - Blue

    MBS Rockstar II Hubs

    Your Price: £45.00
  • Trampa Hypa Hubs - Black

    Trampa Hypa Hub

    Your Price: £16.95
  • Trampa Superstar Hubs - Black

    Trampa Superstar Hubs

    Your Price: £24.95
  • Kheo 8 Inch Wheel

    Kheo 8 Inch Wheel

    Your Price: £29.95
  • Trampa Hypa Wheels - White / Blue

    Trampa Hypa Wheels

    Your Price: £27.50
  • Trampa Superstar Wheels - Silver Anodised / Black

    Trampa Superstar Wheels

    Your Price: £44.95
  • MBS T3 Tyres - Yellow

    MBS T3 Tyres

    Your Price: £65.00
  • MBS T1 Tyres - Black

    MBS T1 Tyres

    Your Price: £65.00
  • MBS All-Terrain Mountainboard Bearings

    MBS All-Terrain Mountainboard Bearings

    Your Price: £13.50
  • Scrub All-Terrain Inner Tubes

    Scrub All-Terrain Inner Tubes

    Your Price: £9.99
Showing items 11
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All 20 200 400

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