MBS Mountainboard F5 Heel Straps

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MBS Mountainboard F5 Heel Straps

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MBS is proud to offer the sleekest, most comfortable, most versatile heel strap available to date. F5 Heel Straps are the most advanced heel straps on the market.

Improvements upon the original heel straps include double cam-lock adjustment on each strap to help you dial in the perfect fit, softer EVA padding with lycra protective layer, durable synthetic leather outer layer and edging, and ladder strap tunnels to keep your straps looking nice and tidy.

They're both light and comfortable, but their specialized shape and rigidity prevent them from ever falling down off your heel so you can feel 100% secure in your bindings at all times. And if you want to ride without heel straps for certain tricks or terrain, just flip the FX Pro Heel Straps up over your bindings where they'll stay until they're needed again (next trick, next ride, or even next season).

The easy on / easy off loop mounting option is perfect for riders who want to experiment with the feeling of being “locked in” for the first time.

No matter who you are, you’ll be sure to enjoy the fact that these heel straps double as a board carrying strap to make the trip back up the hill as effortless as the ride down.

Note: Boards with MBS F1 bindings must be upgraded to F2, F3, F4, or F5 bindings to be compatible with MBS F5 Heel Straps.

Sold as a pair.

**For Experienced Landboarders only**

Warning: You should keep footstraps loose until you are an experienced landboarding pilot. When learning to landboard you are more likely to be pulled off the board by the kite. It is important that you can fall out freely, without being restricted by the footstraps or other devices that secure you to the board.


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