5-Line Kiteboarding Kites

5-Lines setups give kites a large wind range, depower and a easy relaunch device.

These kites can also give you more of a direct feel to the kite such as a C-shape but still with the typical 5-line SLE safety.

The added adjustment of a 5th line also tends to give you a better low end wind range together with the ability to load up the kite for more freestyle manoeuvres.

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5-Line Kiteboarding Kites

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  • Duotone Rebel - Blue

    Duotone Rebel

    Your Price: £969.00
  • Duotone Vegas - Blue

    Duotone Vegas

    Your Price: £1,029.00
  • Duotone Neo - Red

    Duotone Neo

    Your Price: £789.00
  • Duotone Dice - Yellow

    Duotone Dice

    Your Price: £909.00
  • Duotone EVO - Blue

    Duotone EVO

    Your Price: £909.00
  • NEW
    Duotone Juice

    Duotone Juice

    Your Price: £1,329.00
  • Duotone Mono - Black

    Duotone Mono

    Your Price: £829.00
  • Naish Torch ESP

    Naish Torch ESP

    Your Price: £1,049.00
  • Airush Razor V8 - Team Black

    Airush Razor V8

    Your Price: £1,019.00
  • Ozone AMP V1

    Ozone AMP V1

    Your Price: £1,124.00
Showing items 10
Set Descending Direction
All 20 200 400

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