Airush Switch Team - Powerkiteshop
Airush Switch Team - Powerkiteshop
Airush Switch Team - Powerkiteshop
Airush Switch Team - Powerkiteshop
Airush Switch Team - Powerkiteshop

Airush Switch Team

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Airush Switch Team

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  • 132 x 39
  • 135 x 40
  • 138 x 41
  • 141 x 42
  • Board Only with Fins
  • AK Boost Pads


The Airush Switch Team is playful for carving, benefiting from just the right amount of grip with the thin rails, tuned flex, and outline. Transitioning through turns along the board’s rails is predictable and intuitive. While the uni-directional basalt I-beam structure offers improved stiffness between the feet and faster reflex for enhanced freestyle performance.

The Airush Team has reduced the amount of fibreglass in the laminations just to take a little bit of weight out of the board and then added a unidirectional basalt fibre I- Beam between the feet so that stiffens up the area between the feet and the basalt gives really good reflex so if you load up against this board you can really feel it snap back in place that much faster.It’s the Switch Premium. It’s the one that gives you just that little bit more.”

The layup found on the Switch is strictly focused on durability and responsiveness, ensuring a perfect combination for all freeriding needs. This construction is simple yet effective for smooth, easy, and forgiving riding whilst the

The Switch Board includes the AK Boost Strap and Pad System, Fins, and molded ergonomic board handle and hardware.

Who is the board designed for:

Intermediate riders who want a board with great upwind performance and all-round versatility. The new concave bottom increases the stability of the Switch Team making it perfect for light wind riding in marginal conditions.

Not aimed at any specific riding style these boards will allow you to progress quickly with the minimum of hassle no matter what your current level is. Great for riders all types of riders.

**Price include fins and grab handle**


Wind Range
Control Bar