Cabrinha CBL - Powerkiteshop
Cabrinha CBL - Powerkiteshop
Cabrinha CBL - Powerkiteshop
Cabrinha CBL - Powerkiteshop
Cabrinha CBL - Powerkiteshop
Cabrinha CBL - Powerkiteshop
Cabrinha CBL - Powerkiteshop
Cabrinha CBL - Powerkiteshop
Cabrinha CBL - Powerkiteshop
Cabrinha CBL - Powerkiteshop
Cabrinha CBL - Powerkiteshop
Cabrinha CBL - Powerkiteshop
Cabrinha CBL - Powerkiteshop
Cabrinha CBL - Powerkiteshop
Cabrinha CBL - Powerkiteshop
Cabrinha CBL - Powerkiteshop
Cabrinha CBL - Powerkiteshop
Cabrinha CBL - Powerkiteshop
Cabrinha CBL - Powerkiteshop

Cabrinha CBL

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Cabrinha CBL

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  • 139 x 42
  • 142 x 43
  • Board Only With Fins
  • Source Bindings


The Cabrinha CBL (Carbon Basalt Laminate) is dedicated to high performance wakestyle riding. Designed with the most extreme rocker, outline, bottom shaping, and exotic materials in Cabrinha's line, the CBL has the lockdown on performance regardless of whether you are riding with a kite or at the cable park.

The outline of the CBL enhances edge control and provides an explosive pop with optimal landing control. The stiff and rockered up design delivers stylish, powerful wakestyle performance. It features the most extreme bottom shape in the line with a deep double concave to a flat center, and rail channels. The flat centre combined with the P-Tex base is perfect when hitting any type of obstacle.

The rail channels provide the bite, and the flat top 20mm hex flow fins keep things grippy when needed, and don’t need to be removed at the park for added convenience.

This CBL version has a slightly lower rocker line for quick bursts of speed and flat water pop. This modified rocker line aids in upwind ability and is excellent for takeoffs and landings. The Triax laminate construction makes this version forgiving when building on your wakestyle routine. The CBL progresses with a modified bottom shape that can be ridden with or without fins.

The CBL model has a new tip and tail shape that delivers more grip on the water while being more unrestricted on sliders. The CBL has a clean ride in any type of water conditions but it is hard to find a better board for extreme chop than the Custom. The generous rocker line makes the CBL insanely fun in small surf or on kickers. This board is an exercise in minimal design. Keeping the lines and aesthetic true to the core of wakestyle.

The CBL flex pattern offers straight line tracking and insane pop so hitting kickers and sliders or throwing down 3's is a piece of cake.

The CBL can accommodate just about every type of connection method from boots to bindings to footstraps making this board truly versatile and customizable. The CBL’s rocker line and prominent channels compliment each other to deliver a smooth ride with positive grip with or without fins. The CBL has everything you need for performance riding and nothing you don’t. So if you can carry the board without a handle this might just be your board.

The Cabrinha Custom CBL can be ridden fin less when hitting sliders and still be able to throw down any trick in the book. Whether you are into flat water tricks or hitting obstacles, the Cabrinha CBL will allow you to push your riding to the limits.

The new improved construction now implements hard glass to increase strength and deliver a better flex pattern.

The PVC core is precision milled and all materials are strategically placed to deliver the optimum weight, flex and rebound.

  • Fluid power transfer from any source
  • Excellent wake style performance
  • P-Tex grind base bottom sheet
  • Engineered reinforcements and strategic use of carbon for directed flex control
  • Tip channels for finless tracking & smooth release
  • Flat center for hitting any type of obstacle
  • High rocker for cable and wake style
  • Rail and tip channels provide good grip
Base Components:
  • 4x 20mm fins, 4x washers, 8 x m6 x 16mm screws.

Cabrinha Custom CBL: 139 x 42cm
Cabrinha Custom CBL: 142 x 43cm

Fin Configuration: 4-Fin


**Price include fins**



Wind Range
Cabrinha Source Bindings:

The source bindings have been engineered from the ground up to give riders the ultimate connection to their board. At the heart of every rider's kitesurf experience, the source puts comfort, control and performance into one ergonomicly snug-fitting system.

From first water starts through to megaloop boardoffs, the source gives you the confidence to forget what your feet are doing and concentrate on the rest.

Three uniquely sized options combined with the innovative new 360 wrap around strap allows fast customization and the perfect fit for all shapes and sizes.

Grind Base:

Compression formed for enhanced slide and durability on obstacles.

Volcanic Basalt:

Basalt is a natural volcanic fibre which offers vibration resistance and durability without compromising on reflex while still maintaining a high strength to weight ratio. It is naturally produced absent of toxic additives. The combination of wood core, with basalt laminate provides a flex characteristic which is unique to Cabrinha.

M6 Inserts:

M6 x 16mm Industry standard, super strong inserts.

The same 16mm screws are used for fins, handle and foot straps.

Cross-Over Rocker:

The highest rocker line in our range for the ultimate performance.

Wood Core:

Cabrinha use a premium “A-grade” Paulownia wood core which is vertically laminated to optimize strength, reduce weight and allow the board to flex more naturally and freely.

This premium cut has a higher number of continuous vertical strips free of finger joints for a smooth flex pattern. This allows each board to mirror the design for more consistency from board to board.

Hex Flow Fins:

Unique hex flow poly carbonate fins feature a hexagon dimpled pattern over the surface of the fin.

The hex pattern helps to create a boundary layer which assists in the laminar flow over the fin, reducing drag. The new material is made from a lightweight and resilient bullet proof material.

Quad Concave:

The very latest in 3D bottom shaping with the concave and step bleeding through the perimeters of the board to increase tracking and create and allow true finless performance.

The centre flat sections reduce the boards tendency to stick on-off axis landings and eliminate spray in the eyes by allowing the nose to rider higher.

Pro Flex:

Stiff pro level flex requires a more aggressive riding style rewarding you with explosive pop and rock solid landings.

Control Bar