Core Choice 6 (VI) - Powerkiteshop
Core Choice 6 (VI) - Powerkiteshop
Core Choice 6 (VI) - Powerkiteshop
Core Choice 6 (VI) - Powerkiteshop
Core Choice 6 (VI) - Powerkiteshop
Core Choice 6 (VI) - Powerkiteshop
Core Choice 6 (VI) - Powerkiteshop
Core Choice 6 (VI) - Powerkiteshop
Core Choice 6 (VI) - Powerkiteshop

Core Choice 6 (VI)

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Core Choice 6 (VI)

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  • 134 x 40.5
  • 136 x 41.0
  • 138 x 41.5
  • 140 x 42.0
  • 142 x 42.5
  • Board Only With Fins
  • Union Pro Footpads


The Core Choice 6 is a high-performance twintip, designed for innovative moves and progressive style. Now realigned and enhanced with new features tailored specifically for your big air passion.

At high speed, you get a massive edge grip thanks to the new rail concave and the angled fins - ideal for loaded pre-pops and explosive jumps.

The Choice 6 also shines when free riding with an extremely comfortable ride even in chop, paired with high agility and liveliness. This makes the Choice 6 by far not only suitable for the pros, but for all those who are looking for sporty riding characteristics with great big air potential.

Each board size has been tuned separately to get the maximum performance out of it! At 134 / 136 / 138 the focus was set on the optimal big air characteristics, at 140 / 142 also on freestyle. .Specifically, the differences lie in the course of the outline or the ratio of board width to tip width. The proportionally wider tips in the small sizes favour fat jumps, while the two large Choice 6 feel nice and lively due to their proportionally smaller tips.

Riding Style:

Freeriding / Cruising / Freestyle / Jumping / Wakestyle

Skill Level:

Intermediate / Expert

Core Choice Carbon Kiteboard - Length / Width:
  • Core Choice Carbon - 134 x 40.5cm
  • Core Choice Carbon - 136 x 41.0cm
  • Core Choice Carbon - 138 x 41.5cm
  • Core Choice Carbon - 140 x 42.0cm
  • Core Choice Carbon - 142 x 42.5cm
Complete with:
  • G-10 42mm Fins
  • Core Choice Grab Handle

Core Union Pro Pads sold separately*


Wind Range
Core Fusion Carbon  Kitesurf Kiteboarding BoardCore Union Pro Pads:

The orthotic EVA footpads with its “toe grabber” 3D surface will hold your feet securely even on those off balance landings.

With a base plate that can accommodate nine different stances and three pad insert options Core are sure you will find the perfect setup for your riding style. Similar customization options are found with the new CORE Union Pro straps to give you the perfect fit even with booties on!

The dual strap design features effortless pitch, longitudinal and height adjustments to support your foot perfectly. Core have lined the strap interior with padded neoprene while protecting the exterior with durable synthetic leather.

Core Fusion Carbon  Kitesurf Kiteboarding BoardCore G-10 Cutback Fins:

Complete with 42mm fins as hardcore freestyle requires smaller fins to allows the board to be loose enough for intuitive, instantaneous switches to complete rotations or to recover from a less than ideal landing.


Rail Channels and Angled Fins:

The Choice 6 received two new rail channels along its entire length. This generates an extreme edge grip which leads to increased line tension and thus more jump height. The surface of the rail channel is set at seven degrees, resulting in a visibly outwardly protruding angle of the fins of also seven degrees. As soon as edging hard, the extra grip starts to take effect. At relaxed freeriding, everything remains as usual.

Multi Channels:

The new tip shape in combination with the four, strongly accentuated channels in the underbody provide extremely reliable guidance and thus ensures an absolutely precise take-off. The special channel layout has a positive effect on the stall at high speed and significantly reduces the wetted area.

Bulbous Keel:

The middle of the underbody is crossed by a strikingly voluminous keel. It generates a kind of venturi effect on the tips, which increases the board speed and, especially when popping, does not let the tail stick to the water! This special keel design contributes significantly to the high level of board control and agility and also cushions landings comfortably. Due to the deep channels and the centre keel of the double concave, a lot of chop is swallowed.

Bevelled Deck:

In the edge area of the deck, the Choice 6 has new bevels. The bevels run from about 30 centimetres before the end of the board to the holes of the fins to almost zero. They serve to stiffen the board lengthwise and thus minimize reverse flex, which is particularly beneficial for freestylers and wakestylers. At the same time, the board is less deep in the water due to the tapering of the edge associated with the bevels, which achieves a stronger planing performance and ensures freeride suitability.

Katana Channels:

The perfect combo between tip flex and stiffness. You’ll notice that we continue the same contours of the bottom tip channel into the top deck, which now resembles a Katana sword. The new contours add tip stiffness to better store and release the energy you generate when loading the edge.

Cartan 2 Carbon:

The Choice 6 introduces Cartan 2, a material developed and tested over many years, proven in the Imperator 7 and Fusion 6. With its lower layer thickness, it lies flat on the core and uses significantly less resin due to optimized flow paths. This efficiency enhances stiffness and strength: less material, more performance! 


In the Choice 6 production, Core use GreenPoxy 33 - an epoxy resin whose molecular structure is 35 percent plant-based. This percentage takes over the function of the original carbon content in the epoxy molecule. It is the result of the latest innovations in bio-based chemistry and represents a significant technological advance. Several years of testing have proven its quality and performance, confirming our decision to go this more expensive but more environmentally friendly route. 

Unibody Edge:

A technology from ski and snowboard racing: Instead of ABS rails we use a hybrid composite rods made of ABS and up to 80-layer laminate. This unique unibody edge provides a much better connection of the upper and lower Cartan 2 carbon laminates to form a torsion box. This innovative edge construction increases torsional rigidity and charges a lot of energy when edging, which it releases ultra-quickly - similar to a spring - when it jumps off. More pop, more jump height, more action.

Paulownia Light:

The power of lightness with marine-grade laminated wood core. All wood has natural variation in density and volumetric weight. We now select the lowest weight laminations before gluing them together. In doing so, the specially selected, long-grained Paulownia wood is 250g lighter and just as strong as the last generation. It gives our boards dimensional stability, decay resistance and a lightweight yet distinctively powerful character. The Paulownia extends towards the board's edges and is CNC milled both top and bottom.

Pro Rocker:

The ground curve of the Choice 6 has a variable curve. The strongest bend is in the centre and is individually adapted to the flex pattern of each model size. This ensures optimal performance for every board. Despite outstanding freestyle performance, the Choice 6 planes early and offers outstanding upwind characteristics.

Tucked Under Rails:

The varying edge course of the Choice 6 is characterized by a distinctive tucked under edge in the middle part of the board, which merges into a box rail at the level of the outer inserts for the foot straps and ends in a particularly thin and sharp construction in the tip area. The result: more grip, better upwind characteristics and full control when taking off. In addition, the already low splash water formation is further reduced by the tucked-under edge.

EQ Fin Set:

Developed, tested and refined over three years. The completely redesigned Core EQ fin not only looks exceptional, it performs exceptionally. With a wide fin base resembling a beluga forehead, it effectively prevents water from being sucked in. Unlike standard fins, the grip level of EQ fins remains consistent as speed increases, offering a distinct advantage. This feature noticeably facilitates easier release even at full speed, allowing for smoother switching. Additionally, the rounded transition between the fin and board minimizes drag, which occurs when two surfaces meet. The EQ fin is also designed to be lightweight, weighing approximately 30 percent less than the Equalizer fin, thanks to its hollow interior. The rough surface is not just an unclean finish, but the technical icing on the cake: in turbulent currents, the precisely defined roughness minimizes suction and increases manoeuverability.

Control Bar