Core Sensor 3 Pro Control Bar - Powerkiteshop
Core Sensor 3 Pro Control Bar - Powerkiteshop
Core Sensor 3 Pro Control Bar - Powerkiteshop
Core Sensor 3 Pro Control Bar - Powerkiteshop
Core Sensor 3 Pro Control Bar - Powerkiteshop
Core Sensor 3 Pro Control Bar - Powerkiteshop
Core Sensor 3 Pro Control Bar - Powerkiteshop
Core Sensor 3 Pro Control Bar - Powerkiteshop

Core Sensor 3 Pro Control Bar

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Core Sensor 3 Pro Control Bar

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Witness next-level innovation, functional design, and clean esthetic in the carbon powered Sensor 3S Pro with all the groundbreaking features of the Sensor 3S but built in a carbon fibre construction and with Tectanium Vario lines.

Core have leveraged their experience in carbon fibre board building to build a 100% carbon fibre, thin grip, unibody bar reinforced with a titanium alloy truss.

Although it shares many of the same features as the sensational Sensor 3S bar, it is profoundly different in that it features a full carbon fibre bar and 100% Tectanium lines, top to bottom.

One look at a Core bar is all it takes to appreciate the quality, precision, and the technology. But the real magic remains hidden. Take for example a comfortable grip that needs a thin bar. To create an indestructible bar with the lightest, narrowest grip possible required thinking outside the box. Thinking that led to a titanium truss construction.

Wearing thick gloves in 8C temps isn’t a big deal with the Sensor 3 bar. The German engineered, titanium cored, Sensor 3S Pro bar is: Simplicity in design. State-of-the-art in function and absolutely safe.

This incredibly light and rigid carbon fibre composite reduces the bar's inertia, which in turn improves response and control. Kitesurfing has never been more precise!

Sensor 3S Pro Control Bar:

S-System, 46.5-50cm Bar with 24m-22m-20m-18m vario line length options, leash, bar bag and manual.


Wind Range
Full Tectanium Lines:

Exclusively developed for Core by Liros, the market leader in specialized aeronautical and sail cordage. The virtually tangle-free, no stretch, Tectanium center and steering lines are 400% more resistant to elongation and feature an unbelievable 50% greater breaking strength. To cap things off, the lines are 10% thinner and, therefore, more aerodynamic. 

Tectanium Vario Lines:

With the base 18m lines and 2 extensions, you can fly your Sensor 3S Pro bar with 18, 20, 22, or 24m line lengths. Liros’ innovative emulsion (protective coating) process shields your Tectanium lines against abrasion, dirt and UV radiation better than ever. Trust Tectanium.

Stealth Winder:

No divots, sharp corners, or hard protruding ends on this bar. The clean, minimalistic bar ends create no new contours to interfere with your fun. After your fun sesh, the soft bar ends fold open to reveal hidden line winders.


The narrow, non-slip asymmetric grip is easy on the hands – even for marathon sessions. Contrasting colors provide improved left/right visual guidance. And a thin redline on the underside lets you know if the bar is reversed.

Live Wire:

Feel more "connected" to your kite with floaters that don't interfere with the natural movement of the steering lines as they end a few centimeters above the bar. Adjust bar width by merely swiveling the line block hidden under the Stealth Winders. And the elastic line keepers disappear into the floaters for a clean, uncluttered kite session.

Tectanium S-Slide Depower Lines:

The Sensor 2S Pro replaces the front lines from the “Y” to the chicken loop with our exclusive, no stretch, Tectanium. And Core protect it with a 5.2mm, UV-stabilized, Polyether where it passes through the bar. Techno speak for a really durable, self-lubricating, no pinch, depower line. The new virtually frictionless depower/safety lines are more aerodynamic, provide better feedback and are more comfortable between the fingers. 

Titanium Core:

The integrated titanium truss ensures our twin auto-untwist center lines that pass through the centre of the bar do not affect the bombproof rigidity of our bar. It might be overkill, but we prefer it that way. And if the center lines wear out the bar guide, you can always replace it with a fresh one.

Ceramic Untwist:

Functional simplicity. Untwisting your front lines has never been easier. Front line twists only occur below the Sensor 3S Pro bar. An improved, below the bar, swivel with hi-tech ceramic bearings unravels the front lines virtually on its own or whenever the bar is pulled in. The days of manually spinning the front line swivel are over.

Supported Single Frontline Safety:

CORE's exclusive hybrid system combines the advantages of a single front line, double front line, and fifth line safety. When deployed, it blows out the front line (below the "Y"), eliminating pull. At the same time, a pulley system shortens the second front line (above the "Y"), which moves the kite to a stable and safe relaunch position.

4:1 Adjuster:

The block and cleat system reduces pulling forces by a factor of four, making quick adjustments in gusts a breeze. And the adjuster rope features a new elasticized construction which shortens and keeps the rope out of your way.

CIC Release:

The heart of our new CORE Intuitive Connect Release is our push-out and easy click-back-in quick release. The red CIC Release cap is designed to provide a superior grip in emergency situations. And reconnecting the quick release is as simple as re-inserting the chickenloop end into the CIC mechanism until you hear it click in. CIC Release. Just release and click back in.

Auto Untwist:

Untwisting your front lines after looping your kite is as simple as pulling in the bar. Front line twists only occur below the Sensor 3 bar where a ceramic swivel unravels the front lines automatically. Another benefit is the sweet "between the fingers" comfort when your hand straddles the center lines due to the narrow width and coating of the front lines. Welcome to the era of auto untwist!

Spliced Ends:

A small but important detail relates to how we finish our line end loops. Core don’t simply fold over the line and stitch it up. Core braid the loop before stitching and finishing for a safer, stronger, and more aerodynamic connection.

Vario Width:

One bar covers all our kite sizes. From 4 to 19m! Nice. The Sensor 3 Pro bar width is adjustable from 46.5cm to 52cm by moving one knot. The best design ideas are the simple ones. Switching widths is as easy as 1. Pull back the floater exposing the bar end leader. 2. Undo larks head knot on the back line where it attaches to the bar leader. 3. Pull on the opposite bar leader knot and reconnect larks head. 

Short Safety Leash:

Extra short is extra safe. The short safety leash comes standard with all CORE bar systems. When connected to your spreader bar, the short 50cm long leash delivers better ergonomics and safety. It is easier to see or grab and it won’t tangle like longer leashes might. If you do not see unhooked freestyle in your future, then protect yourself with a short leash.


The multi-purpose barbag offers protection for your shiny Sensor 3S Pro bar when you're on the road. Accessories, tools, spare parts, line extensions, and optional loops can be stored in the bag's compartments. The mesh insert on the back guarantees proper ventilation. Fold it away or hang it up in a visible spot, so you don't forget it.

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