F-One Rocket Sup Pro - Powerkiteshop
F-One Rocket Sup Pro - Powerkiteshop
F-One Rocket Sup Pro - Powerkiteshop
F-One Rocket Sup Pro - Powerkiteshop

F-One Rocket Sup Pro

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F-One Rocket Sup Pro

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  • 6'0"
  • 6'6"
  • 7'0"
  • 7'6"


The challenge when designing a stand up foil board is to keep all the volume you need to paddle, keep the stability and take off ability while taking away all volume you don’t need while flying. The F-One Rocket Sup Pro is the result of all experiences in various waves and wind conditions from the Mediterranean waves to perfect reef break.

Short and narrow but still very stable thanks to the parallel outline, the Rocket will let you take off from your usual stand up paddle position and be super manoeuverable on the waves. Coming down under the 7’0 length is a fantastic step when foiling and brings you closer to the surf foil feeling.

To choose your size in this new discipline if you don’t have experience is easy, just look at the volume of your actual board and not the size.

For example if you’re using a 90 litre boards you should choose the 6’6 ROCKET with its 92 litres.

The foil mast adds a lot of stability so you can use a board which is narrower than usual.


Size 6'0" 6'6"
Volume 80L 92L
Width 24.5" / 62.5cm 25.5" / 65.0cm
Length 6'0" / 183.0cm 6'6" / 198.60cm


Size 7'0" 7'6"
Volume 105L 120L
Width 26.5" / 67.5cm 27.5" / 70.0cm
Length 7'0" / 213.0cm 7'6" / 229.0cm


Wind Range
Twin Tracks:

This system is compatible with all foils featuring a top plate with 4x fastening bolts.

The length of the tracks enables some room to adjust the position of the foil on the board to reach everyone’s preferred balance.

Tuttle Box:

The tuttle box is a fin box standard of the windsurfing industry.

With the angled front and back faces the tuttle head is firmly maintained inside the box.

It's shallower depth makes it more suited for the smaller boards.

Control Bar