Mystic Double Action Kite Pump

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Mystic Double Action Kite Pump

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The Mystic Double Action Kite Pump means, you can spend more time on the water, as you need only half the time to inflate your kite. You can also deflate your kite by attaching the hose onto the corresponding attachment point of the handle.

Unbelievable – but true: You can also use this pump for other inflatable objects like mattresses, beach balls or a rubber boat!

Complete with a pressure gauge, 4x different nozzle attachments and a storage bag which has been designed to be used as a sand bag, for securing your kite on the beach and to aid self launching and landing.


Unscrew the cap and pull it out together with the piston. Clean the inner cylinder and the piston and take care that the sealing rings are always lubricated.

For re-assembly, please place the piston carefully back into the cylinder.

Anyways, we don’t want to keep you from kitesurfing! Get on the water!

Features include strong aluminum shaft, multiple hose fittings, kite leash, sand /storage bag and pressure gauge.


Wind Range
Control Bar