Naish S26 Aluminium Foil Mast

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Naish S26 Aluminium Foil Mast

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  • 75 cm


You can now progress with your foil riding without upgrading you entire setup. The Naish Foil Masts are compatible with all other Naish wings and stabilisers for future, cost effective upgrades previous to the S26 model.  

The aluminium mast feature a 13.3 cm wide and stable chord for stability at all speeds. The  mast has been double fastened and bonded end caps provide a secure connection to your board and fuselage.

No matter what stage you are, Naish have a mast for progressing with your learning, travelling and in need of multiple foils or just need a replacement.

Aircraft Grade Extruded Aluminium Construction Mast.

  • 65cm Mast - Ideal for first-time foilers or riding in shallow water.
  • 75cm Mast - Ideal for intermediate surf, wave riding, and shallow water.
  • 85cm Mast - Ideal for intermediate surf, wave riding.
  • 95cm Mast - The recommended length for all-around freeride, good combination of water clearance when rear wings are set for increased stability.
  • Wide and stable base for stability at all speeds
  • Triple stringer structure for increased stiffness and durability
  • Direct connect plate and fuselage are screwed and bonded for increased strength and reliability
  • Includes 3x 25mm M6 SS Torx Screws to mount fuselage to mast
  • Screws to mount mast to board NOT included.


Wind Range
Control Bar