Peter Lynn Compass LEI Control Bar - Powerkiteshop
Peter Lynn Compass LEI Control Bar - Powerkiteshop
Peter Lynn Compass LEI Control Bar - Powerkiteshop
Peter Lynn Compass LEI Control Bar - Powerkiteshop

Peter Lynn Compass LEI Control Bar

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Peter Lynn Compass LEI Control Bar

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  • Small - 43cm Control Bar
  • Medium - 51cm Control Bar
  • Large - 60cm Control Bar


The all new PLKB Compass Bar has been redesigned with an all new Quick Release with easy Click Recovery. Many new features such as Ceramic Ball Bearings, Pre-Stretched SK75 lines, 3D grip, Replaceble Loops and with new looks, the Compass bar is all you need.

The Compass bar comes in 2 versions; the LEI and FOIL version, but they are interchangeable. The LEI version comes with 22m lines and can be easily complemented with a 5th line and brake line if required.


ISO 21853 Safety Standard for Quick Release Systems Certified:

The PLKB Compass Bar comes with the The ISO standard 21853 certification. This certificate has been introduced in 2020 to standardise and saftey check all quick releae systems. It shows that the Quick Release has been tested and shall withstand a load of three times the maximum user weight of 120kg equal to 3600 N, without any breakage and shall still function as intended.

One-Hand Recovery:

The PLKB Compass bar has been designed to be as easy as possible. You can easily recover the opened Quick Release when laying in the water hanging on to your kite. WIth a simple 'click' you can push the QR Loop back and continue riding.

Ceramic Ball Bearing:

The PLKB Compass bar comes with a Ceramic ball bearing swivel. This makes twisting the bar super smooth and keeps your lines untwisted. The Ball bearing is open so sand can flushes out easily.

Twisting Safety Connector:

To keep the Safety Line in good condition it should not be twisted. Because the connector is placed behind het ball bearing, it unwinds automatically.

Clamcleat with Velcro Lock:

The Trimline and Clamcleat have been developed to create a perfect lock for easy power adjustment. When your kite is depowered. The grab handle can be locked to the side of the clamcleat with the Velcro Lock.

Dyneema SK75 425KG Lines 22m:

The Compass bar has been made with only the highest quality SK75 lines. These lines can handle up to 425KG and are braid to perfection. Lines with Anti-twist, Minimal Stretch and UV-protected for maximum durability and safety. All lines are black with color coded connectors for kook proof attachment. The Power Lines are split after 8m to prevent your bar from sliding all the way to the kite after pulling the safety.

One Bar for All:

The Compass bar has an option in the leader lines to add a brake line. This could convert the Compass LEI Control bar to be used for foil kites. Also a 5th line can be added to be used in the snow or for the 5-line kites.

Control Bar Size: 
  • Small - 43cm - 22m Lines
  • Medium - 51cm - 22m Lines
  • Large - 60cm - 22m Lines


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