RRD Passion - Powerkiteshop
RRD Passion - Powerkiteshop
RRD Passion - Powerkiteshop
RRD Passion - Powerkiteshop
RRD Passion - Powerkiteshop
RRD Passion - Powerkiteshop
RRD Passion - Powerkiteshop
RRD Passion - Powerkiteshop
RRD Passion - Powerkiteshop
RRD Passion - Powerkiteshop

RRD Passion

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RRD Passion

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  • 5.0m
  • 7.0m
  • 8.0m
  • 9.0m
  • 10.5m
  • 12.0
  • 13.5m
  • 15.0m
  • 17.0m
  • Kite Only
  • Global Control Bar


The RRD Passion is a high-performance kite that delivers superior handling guaranteed to impress both new kiters and experts. The responsive steering and superior drift make this kite ideal for an array of disciplines, including freestyle, freeride, and the big boosting ability and ease of use make the Passion your go-to for Big Air.

The three-strut design with increased strut diameter reduces luffing while increasing overall stability and rigidity. This translates into reliable feedback from the kite so you know exactly where it is without looking at it.

Constructed out of lightweight top of the line Techno Force™ Double Ripstop, the Passion Y28 strikes a balance between durability and strength.

The proprietary Diamond Grid Technology pattern offers unparalleled rigidity by evenly distributing the load across the kite, giving you a predictable and unbelievably fast kite.

Square wingtips create unmatched relaunching capacity, even in the lightest wind. The massive wind range of this kite means a safe amount of power on the top end and no stalling on the low end.

Whatever the conditions and wherever you are riding: the Passion is a kite that will work for you.

  • One pump inflatable technology
  • 3-Struts frame
  • D2 canopy fabric
  • Ultra rigid frame
  • Easy relaunch
  • Quick air flow valve
  • Diamond grid technology


Wind Range
Size Wind Range (Knots) Weight (kg)
5.0m 17-38 2.13
7.0m 15-32 2.57
8.0m 14-30 2.57
9.0m 13-28 2.95
10.5m 12-26 3.23
12.0m 11-24 3.47
13.5m 9-19 3.72
15.0m 8-16 4.03
17.0m 7-15 4.30
Control Bar
RRD Global Control Bar:

The RRD Y27 Global bar is ergonomic with slimmer, flexible bar end floats and a more intuitive and easier to use safety release, plus off course the best lines on the market.

In addition to the new features, the Global is equipped with “Rigid Thread Lines”. These are used exclusively on the RRD bars with great success for over 9 years now. A product that’s now widely tested around the world, but there is little known about the details of its uniqueness by kiteboarders.

A pro rider will choose rigid thread lines over any flying lines in the market. The ‘Rigid Thread Lines’ of RRD Kites will never be subject to adjustment, since they won’t even stretch under stress-related moves, for example by extreme loops and consequently it is impossible to end up with stretched lines and/or of a different length and therefore the trim of the kite remains unchanged through the years.

Molded Floating Side Caps:

Molded floating side caps injected with high memory EVA which facilitates a better bar grip and increased safety.

Aluminium Centre Connection: 

Made with CNC milled and polished aluminium, the centre bar piece comes with and oversized oval hole to improve de-power tube sliding even during some extreme steering.

Stainless Steel Depower Cleat:

New custom design stainless steel de-power rope cleat conceived around the double chamber tube, allowing the security line to slide freely.

Chicken Loop Safety Release:

Chicken loop safety release system with oversized handle and increased sliding potential of all components to secure an effective functionality over the years. This safety release system has the least amount of steel components on the market, meaning a longer lifetime and less maintenance.