Slingshot Dwarf Craft - Powerkiteshop
Slingshot Dwarf Craft - Powerkiteshop
Slingshot Dwarf Craft - Powerkiteshop
Slingshot Dwarf Craft - Powerkiteshop
Slingshot Dwarf Craft - Powerkiteshop
Slingshot Dwarf Craft - Powerkiteshop
Slingshot Dwarf Craft - Powerkiteshop

Slingshot Dwarf Craft

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Slingshot Dwarf Craft

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Slingshot’s Dwarf Craft is a light weight, agile and user-friendly board designed for all-around foiling fun in a wide range of conditions. Compression-molded construction and PMU top sheet increase the board's durability as well as decrease its weight. Its high surface areas combined with low volume make water starts easy while maintaining the ability to touch down on the water without pearling. It features moderate front-end rocker, chinned rails, mild concave, multiple footstrap inserts and a sliding track mounting system for a great all-around ride with several customization options.

Boasting an all new state of the art layup, the new Dwarf Craft range is even lighter than its predecessors. Decreased size and weight have increased the board’s responsiveness, agility, and direct feeling. We also maximized the board’s nose rocker to help the touch and go performance of this new shorter profile.

Key highlights:
  • User-friendly board with smooth takeoff, touchdowns and stable handling
  • Confidence inspiring in all conditions
  • Adjustable pedestal mount
  • Customizable foot strap options
  • Advanced performance you can progress into but never outgrow
  • Concave deck for agile handling with subtle movements
  • Full-length deck pad for grip and cushion
  • Light weight, low-profile, durable construction

**Comes complete with traction pad**

** Foil Sold Separately**


Size Width (cm) Thickness (cm) Weight (kg) Volume (l)
110 48 3.8 3.2 16
120 50 4 3.4 18
130 54 4 3.75 22
140 56 4 4.1 24
Wind Range
Slingshot Dwarf Craft Construction:

The Dwarf Craft employs Slingshot’s rugged EPS core and fibreglass-wrapped construction and is inlaid with PVC stringers for added torsional strength and durability. The board is thinner, lighter and narrower than the Alien Air, making it a great choice for riders looking for a lower profile and, subsequently, lower priced ride.

Concave Deck:

The concave design provides increased turning sensitivity and response, as well as more dynamic heel-toe performance. Also helps with proper foot placement as you get a feel for the contour of the deck and where the sweet spot is.

Adjustable Foil Track Mount:

The adjustable mount allows you to slide your foil forward and aft on your board to fine-tune how it feels and performs based on your size, ability, and personal preference.

Bevelled Rails:

Bevelled rails prevent the board from grabbing the water when you touch down, which allows you to skip off the water and keep going instead of grinding to a halt.

Multiple Footstrap Positions:

Ride however you want. With multiple insert options you can ride whatever configuration you like: three straps, two straps, one strap, no straps, two hooks, one hook, or no hooks—you can make the choice.

Corduroy EVA Deck Pad:

This full-coverage EVA deck pad is the perfect blend of comfort and traction. It's super soft on your feet yet super grippy, ensuring there are no slips, no slides, and no slices.

Control Bar