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Depowerable Kites

Depowerable Kites, normally four line kites are typically less powerful than constant-power traction kites but allow you to continue with the same sized kite in a variety of wind conditions. 

Its ability to change the angle of attack of the kite allows you to power up and depower the kite by simply adjustment on the brakes.

Suitable for landboarding. Some depowerable kites can be used for water use also.

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Depowerable Kites

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  • PLKB Ibex - 6m / 10m

    PLKB Ibex

    Your Price: £849.00
  • Flysurfer Hybrid

    Flysurfer Hybrid

    Your Price: £765.00
  • HQ4 Apex

    HQ4 Apex

    Your Price: £349.00
  • Peter Lynn Lynx V5

    Peter Lynn Lynx V5

    Your Price: £429.00
  • Ozone Explore - Blue

    Ozone Explore V2

    Your Price: £659.00
  • Ozone Subzero - Slate Blue

    Ozone Subzero V2

    Your Price: £1,089.00
  • Ozone Hyperlink V3 - Blue

    Ozone Hyperlink V3

    Your Price: £1,599.00
  • Flysurfer Viron

    Flysurfer Viron 3

    Your Price: £635.00
  • Flysurfer Peak 5 - 5m

    Flysurfer Peak 5

    Your Price: £475.00
  • Flysurfer Soul 2

    Flysurfer Soul 2

    Your Price: £1,425.00
  • Flysurfer Sonic

    Flysurfer Sonic 4

    Your Price: £1,795.00
  • Duotone Capa

    Duotone Capa

    Your Price: £1,449.00
  • Ozone Chrono V5 - Emerald

    Ozone Chrono V5

    Your Price: £2,144.00
  • Ozone R1 V4 - Black

    Ozone R1 V4

    Your Price: £2,039.00
  • F-One Halo - Lime / Green

    F-One Halo

    Your Price: £1,549.00
  • Peter Lynn Nova V2 - Orange

    Peter Lynn Nova V2

    Your Price: £1,299.00
Showing items 16
Set Descending Direction
All 20 200 400

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