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Lightwind Boards

Lightwind Specific Kiteboards give you the option to make the most out of marginal conditions.

Designed to keep you on top of the water  just when you need it, these boards are great for progressive freeriding, waves and long distance riding in conditions that would normally have you waiting for the wind to pick up.

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Lightwind Boards

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  • Ozone Infinity V3 Kiteboard - Grey

    Ozone Infinity V3

    Your Price: £665.00
  • Nobile Flying Carpet Kiteboard

    Nobile Flying Carpet

    Your Price: £624.00
  • Naish Orbit Kiteboard

    Naish Orbit

    Your Price: £669.00
  • Duotone Spike Kiteboard

    Duotone Spike

    Your Price: £669.00
  • Duotone Ultraspike Kiteboard

    Duotone Ultraspike

    Your Price: £1,029.00
  • Core Fusion 6 (VI)

    Core Fusion 6 (VI)

    Your Price: £995.00
  • Flysurfer Trip

    Flysurfer Trip

    Your Price: £1,019.00
  • Flysurfer Stage

    Flysurfer Stage

    Your Price: £759.00
  • Cabrinha Stylus Kiteboard

    Cabrinha Stylus

    Your Price: £699.00
  • North Trace Kiteboard

    North Trace

    Your Price: £699.00
  • Slingshot Glide Kiteboard

    Slingshot Glide

    Your Price: £599.00
  • Shinn Superking

    Shinn Superking Prismatic

    Your Price: £665.00
  • Duotone Fish D/Lab

    Duotone Fish D/Lab

    Your Price: £1,249.00
  • Duotone Fish SLS

    Duotone Fish SLS

    Your Price: £1,119.00
  • Core Ripper 5

    Core Ripper 5

    Your Price: £1,049.00
  • Core Green Room

    Core Green Room

    Your Price: £1,149.00
  • NEW
    Core 720

    Core 720

    Your Price: £1,149.00
  • Cabrinha Special Agent

    Cabrinha Special Agent

    Your Price: £839.00
  • Slingshot Converter XR

    Slingshot Converter XR

    Your Price: £1,199.00
  • Nobile Fish Skim Foil

    Nobile Fish Skim Foil

    Your Price: £654.00
Showing items 1 to 20 of 32 total
Set Descending Direction
All 20 200 400

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