Core Sensor 4 Control Bar - Powerkiteshop
Core Sensor 4 Control Bar - Powerkiteshop
Core Sensor 4 Control Bar - Powerkiteshop
Core Sensor 4 Control Bar - Powerkiteshop

Core Sensor 4 Control Bar

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Core Sensor 4 Control Bar

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The Core Sensor Bar system is a trailblazer in several key areas: ultra-direct bar feel, simplicity, and high-end components and craftsmanship. With the fourth generation, Core have elevated the Sensor Bar's functionality, versatility and safety to a new level. 

Tested and certified by the IKO, the Sensor 4 can also be used to fly fixed-bridled kites such as the Pace Pro for the first time, as the all-new SFS+ ensures complete blowing out on just one frontline. And of course, it is also fully compatible with all other Core models as well as many other kites on the market. 

For the first time, it is possible to switch between a high V and a low V (or Y) in a matter of seconds. While all Core kites are optimized for a high V, a deep V offers advantages for radical action with short lines under 20 meters.

With SFS+ and High/Low-V-Line Split, the Sensor 4 becomes more versatile and can be universally combined with many kites on the market.  

The Sensor 4 Bar also has universal pigtails. This not only makes it easier to cut your bar to length, but also connects it to many other kites on the market.

Maximize your kite’s performance with the Sensor 4 Vario lines. Vario lines are Liros sourced, 18m lines with a 2m and 4m extension. As a result, the Sensor 4 can be outfitted with 18-, 20-, 22- or 24-meter lines. Go short in the waves. Or longer in your next race. Without buying more bars. 

Control Bar Size:

46.5-50cm bar with 24m lines, short leash, bar bag and manual.


Wind Range
Auto Untwist:

The Auto Untwist of the Sensor 4 ensures that you always have perfectly sorted front lines. Thanks to the extremely low-friction and low-wear ceramic ball bearing below the Quick Release, the Sensor 4 Bar always unscrews the lines immediately. Without any action on the part of the rider. The result: optimal power flows in every situation and outstanding durability in salt water and sand.

4:1 Adjuster:

The force required to operate the adjuster is quartered by sophisticated deflections, allowing for smooth, precise angle adjustments with minimal effort, even in the strongest winds. The integrated elastic band automatically shortens the adjuster rope for added convenience.

Stealth Winders:

The hinged winders offer a flight and a storage option. After the lines have been unwound from the bar, the winders can be easily folded in for flight mode. Smooth transitions without hard edges. 

CIC Quick Release:

The ISO-compliant CORE Intuitive-Connect QR is designed to work effectively even in the most critical situations and can be intuitively released under load as well as with sagging lines. The QR body is made of carbon-fiber-reinforced high-performance plastic and V4A steel at its core. The revised cap of the QR offers a good grip without the risk of accidentally getting caught with the wetsuit. After a trigger, the system is ready for use again in a flash with just one click. The revised locking mechanism with green marking line for easier control prevents false triggering due to loops that are not clicked in correctly.

To attach your Safety Leash, the Sensor 4 is delivered with the Triple Ring. This makes it possible to hook two leashes at the same time when the kite is handed over.  


The new EVA base is both more abrasion-resistant and more comfortable and durable. It ensures a non-slip, comfortable hold at the bar. Thanks to the calming color scheme and a red line on the back, the correct position of the bar can be seen at first glance at any time.

Titanium Core:

The titanium carrier in the handlebar ensures extreme rigidity and a particularly crisp flight feeling. In addition to a significant increase in breaking load, it enables double line guidance in the centre with interchangeable inserts.  

Shorty Safety Leash:

All Core bars are supplied with the ISO-compliant Short Safety Leash as standard. At only 55 centimetres, it is pleasantly short, yet elastic for comfortable hooking, and guarantees that the release mechanism is always within easy reach of the rider's field of vision at the front of the harness.

Free Floaters:

The floaters are positioned a few centimetres above the bar, unattached, providing a unique, smooth, and dynamic sensor control experience. Their new shape enhances the bar's floatability with increased volume. An inner grip surface ensures an intuitive and direct hold for easier kite relaunching. Additionally, the line above the floater is encased in a tube to maintain optimal positioning even without tension.

Spliced Ends:

A special detail of the sensor lines are the spliced line ends. They are not simply secured by parallel seams but are elaborately spliced before sewing. This guarantees higher strength and more favourable aerodynamics – laying out the lines is also smoother. 


The multi-purpose barbag offers protection for your shiny Sensor 3 bar when you're on the road. Accessories, tools, spare parts, line extensions, and optional loops can be stored in the bag's compartments. The mesh insert on the back guarantees proper ventilation. Fold it away or hang it up in a visible spot, so you don't forget it.

Control Bar