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Cabrinha Drifter 2016 Kite


Cabrinha Drifter 2016 Kite

Cabrinha Drifter 2016 Kite

High Tenacity Dacron:
All new Dacron is specifically designed for inflated kite structures. The construction of this material is very warp oriented using ultra high tenacity yarns with an increased thread count to combat elongation in the warp direction under high inflation pressures. Lower elongation makes for a more accurate kite with less deformation while in flight. The Dacron also has a very firm and stable resin finish for a longer lifespan and excellent bias recovery.


Sprint: The Sprint™* inflation system is a simple to use feature to quickly inflate your kite to an even pressure. The Sprint™ system uses a single inflation point to connect your high volume, two way Cabrinha pump. As you pump your kite with air, all struts and your leading edge inflate quickly and simultaneously to the desired pressure. The supplied leash pump and threaded valve connection keeps your kite under control even when pumping up directly in the wind.

Once the kite is pumped you can choose to clip off, or isolate the air contained in the struts. This way if you damage a strut while in use, the rest of the kite will continue to maintain its pressure. At the end of the session you can choose to deflate your kite completely by disengaging the strut air clips, or you can keep your struts inflated and put your kite away rolled up so that the next session will take just minutes to set up.


Skeletal Frame: Cabrinha kites are designed and built on a Skeletal Frame foundation. By placing the most durable, 160 gsm Dacron
material into a framework that locks in the intended shape.Cabrinha then create the canopy shape and profiles with a light weight yet highly durable 53 gsm polyester woven material.
Built on the durability of the canopy material with a second layer of 53 gsm two-ply material over the high stress strut sections. Cabrinha then layer into the perimeter a 75 gsm, double ripstop
reinforcement material to combat the extreme loads that are
placed on the trailing edge and wing tip areas of the kite. Finally, they complete the kite with details such as molded EVA chafe protectors, robust leading edge protectors, and triple row stitching at the high stress inter-segment seams near the centre of the kite. It is then sealed with a woven nylon ribbon reinforcement on the leading edge closing seam.


Dynamic Arc: A dynamic arc allows the kite to have two distinct arc shapes. The kite takes on one shape while flying, and another shape while in resting mode on the water.

The flying shape occurs as soon as the kite gets airborne and the front lines are under tension. The flying shape is the kite’s intended shape which is optimized for the intended usage. The arc shape is held in place by a simple set of bridling.


The dynamic arc shape occurs when the kite is not in flight, such as when the kite is resting on the water in relaunch mode. The dynamic arc allows the kite to open its span and orient the wingtips in a position to facilitate a super quick relaunch.


Cabrinha Drifter:

Cabrinha Drifter 2019 : £939.00 - £1379.00
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Availability: 2-3 Days

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Specifically designed for kitesurfing in waves and strapless surf freestyle, the Drifter has the ability to engage and disengage its power on command.


While catching a wave you want all the power you need but while surfing, you often want the kite to completely disappear while you surf on your own power. Its in this moment of pure surfing where you want a kite that ‘drifts’ down the line with you in a stable and predictable way. We dubbed this phenomenon Drift Stability and it is the crucial ingredient in a performance surf kite. This is why the Drifter has no equal.


The three well placed struts keep the profile of the kite intact through constant angle of attack changes while reducing the weight. This light weight but durable kite is dedicated to surf, yet it shines as a freestyle kite for wakeskating, skimboarding or flat water freestyle. Lightning fast steering. Instant power and de-power. Durability. Easy relaunch. These are the necessary elements to make the worlds best surf kite.


While surfing hooked or unhooked the Cabrinha Drifter makes the most of its excellent slack line drift ability. Slack line drift is the kite's ability to stay aloft even when the lines are temporarily slackened by depowering. But the Drifter's main beauty lies in its simplicity. Cabrinha have pushed the complicated technology into the background so that all you have to think about is how you're going to tear apart the next wave.


The Drifter kite will ride any conditions the ocean decides to dish out with consistency and ease. The Drifter is made to simplify the kiteboarding experience. Easy handling, easy steering, easy relaunching, and an intuitive security system. This is the backbone of the Drifter DNA, and this puts this kite in a class all by itself. If you are looking for a kite that will hone your kitesurfing skills in a safe and secure environment, the Drifter is the kite for you.


The Cabrinha Drifter is your personal power source for true kite surfing. Its as close as it gets to the real thing with the added benefits of power to get you in and out of the line up. Tow yourself into a wave with the Drifter and feel what it is like to actually surf without having the kite over-power your turns.




Offshore Setting: Offshore setting optimizes performance for surfing in side shore and offshore wind. This facilitates better upwind ability which allows for easier cutbacks in offshore wind. Onshore setting optimizes performance for surfing in side shore and onshore wind. This setting provides for the maximum amount of “drift” as well as tighter turning.


Slackline Drift: Amongst the many features the Drifter is known for, none is more important than drift stability also known as slack line drift. While surfing, it’s sometimes important to depower the kite to the point where you can surf on your own wave generated power without the pull of the kite. Its here that the Drifter is able to stay aloft and drift downwind with you. When the time calls for it, you can immediately power up the kite and clear the next section.


Surfers worldwide have now come to know the benefits of “drift stability”. Drift stability, one of the Drifter’s prominent features, is the kites ability to stay afloat and drift downwind when the kite is depowered. This so called slack line drift function allows the rider to power into the wave, then shut the kite power down and surf as if the kite was not even there.


When the rider needs to power back up the kite is quick to re- engage and power the rider to the next section. The Drifter’s hybrid design is slightly more upright and compact in shape. This makes the Drifter turn on a dime, and power and depower on command. When the wind conditions are marginal and you need to steer the kite a lot, the Drifter will surgically place the kite where you need it exactly when you need it.



Wingtip Setting Options: Cabrinha offer multiple tuning options which completely change the way a kite flies. These options allow you to customize the feedback and bar pressure, adjust where the kite sits in the window, and balance the power / de-power range of the kite. Cabrinha highly recommends testing the different settings for yourself to find out what feels the best to you.

A = The lightest bar pressure and lightest steering initiation.
B = Much more feedback, more bar pressure, shortened depower, and more steering impulse to know where the kite is.


Power Control: Power Control settings quickly adjust the power level of the kite.


Each rear line “pig tail” connector has three power positions which you can connect.


The middle position is the factory recommended position.


Create more power by connecting the knot closest to the kite or less power by connecting to the knot
closest to the rider.


The Cabrinha Drifter's defining characteristic is that its right there when you need it and virtually invisible when you don’t.


The new frontier in kitesurfing has come full circle back to its surfing roots. Cabrinha, the company founded on the very core of surfing now brings you the ultimate surf kite. The Drifter.


It's robust build and no compromise Overdrive 1x security system assures an exciting, and secure experience in and out of the water. When it comes to value, the Drifter can't be beat. Whether you are a first time rider on the waves or an aspiring pro the Drifter kite will deliver the performance and handling you deserve.


If you are looking for a surf kite with the technology of the future but the soul of surfing’s past. look no further than the Drifter.


Cabrinha Drifter Main Features:


  • Surf Specific 3 Strut Design
  • Excellent Slack Line Drift
  • High Depower
  • Stable and Direct Feel
  • Squared Off Wingtips for Increased Stability
  • Overdrive 1x Depower System
  • Relaunch on Command
  • Light Bar Pressure
  • New Durability Measures
  • Tuning Options
  • 3 Struts for ease of use
  • SPRINT One-Pump System
  • Improved Airlock Airflow

The Cabrinha Drifter kite is a reflection of the people who do our sport. Rugged and technical but with a sense of ease. The Drifter is simply the easiest and most secure way to get yourself up and riding in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of hassles.


The Cabrinha Drifter is a full scale waveriding kite from leading edge to trailing edge. This design delivers an incredibly wide wind range, stable easy handling and perhaps the most important feature on any kite ..... an enhanced relaunch function that is second to none.


Relaunch on command:

The Drifter's relaunch capability is so easy that your hands never have to leave the control system. By simply pointing the end of the control system towards the kite, the wing tip will rise off of the water and launch the kite into the sky. Unlike other relaunch methods, The Drifter allows you to decide when to launch the kite and which direction it goes into the air. Its simple and it keeps the control in your hands where it should be.


Two of the elements credited for the Drifter’s amazing relaunch are: The curved shape of the leading edge and the sqaured off wing tips. Together they allow the kite to “unstick” by reducing contact to the water or snow when the leading edge is face down. The constant curvature of the leading edge allows the kite to easily roll onto a wing tip and lift off the water.


The kite bridle is also responsible for allowing you to choose the direction you would like to launch the kite. This clearly puts the Drifter in a class of its own amongst a sea of hybrid kites which don’t allow this function. This important function becomes an added safety feature when your kite is sitting next to an obstacle like rocks, a pier, other riders or swimmers.


For example: if you want to lift the right facing wing tip just point the right side of the control system directly at the kite and hold until the wing tip rises off of the water. When the kite launches you can easily control how fast or how slow you’d like it to fly.


If you want to speed up the relaunch process you can always just grab a leader line instead, flip the kite on its side and shoot it up into the sky. The Drifter’s easy relaunch sets a new standard in kite control. Simple. Fast. And at your command.


The feature packed Drifter comes standard with: Sprint. Cabrinha's single point inflation system. You can easily inflate the kite by connecting the pump to a single valve.


If you are looking for an all round freeride kite that will perform in a wide variety of conditions and riding styles. One with an industry leading relaunch system, look no further than the Drifter kite from Cabrinha. The Drifter kite from Cabrinha. Kitesurfing has never been easier.


The Cabrinha Drifter wraps all of these features into one kite to deliver:


  • Absolute and total control of the power of your kite.
  • The widest wind range of any kite on the market.
  • More power per square meter than a classic arc kite.
  • Incredible hang time.
  • The highest level of security.
  • A relaunch feature that does not require a 5th line or any wing tip tension fittings.

The Drifter is essentially a flatter 4 line inflatable kite which has incredible efficiency and depower capabilities. The flat arc of the kite, also known as Pro Span Extreme, produces more raw power than a classic arc kite of the same size. The flatter arc and unique leading edge bridle are the elements responsible for the Drifter's incredible depowering capabilities. The Drifter, together with the new Overdrive 1x control system provides a level of security that can only be described as revolutionary.


Drifter Bridle System:
The Drifter's unique patented bridle delivers on two important fronts: Stability and Trim. The obvious benefit to the performance of the kite is the way that the bridle fully supports the leading edge of the kite under the constantly changing loads of pressure. This increased stability allows the kite to react to the riders input from the bar without the deformation that can occur with a traditional kite. The other revolutionary feature of the bridle is its ability to drastically change the angle of attack of the kite while keeping equal pressure on all load points. This in turn creates an unprecedented range of power and trim including total depower.

The Drifter bridle serves two functions. The most obvious function is the way that it fully supports the flat arc of the kite (also known as Pro Span Extreme). This helps to keep the kite flying rock solid even when riding through choppy water in gusty wind. The second function of the bridle is to allow the kite’s angle of attack (AOA) to radically change. This is the main feature responsible for the Drifter's incredible range and depowering capabilities.


The bridle even allows for the AOA to reach a zero point where the kite stops pulling altogether. The interesting thing about this bridle is the way that it places equal tension on each attachment point even while depowering. Jelly fishing is not possible with the Drifter.


Instant Relaunch:
The Drifter has a built-in relaunch function. When the kite is leading edge down on the water or snow, just pull on either the left or right leader line to choose which direction you would like to launch the kite. The wingtip will rise out of the water. You can then choose to hot launch the kite from the bottom of the window or you can put the kite in a side launch position at the edge of the window for a slower relaunch.


Cabrinha Drifter IDS Water Relaunchable LEI Water Relaunch


Keep in mind that this technique works best when most of your forward movement is stopped. If you have your board with you, put your feet in the straps, and sit upright with your board in front of you to slow or stop all of your forward movement. This will keep tension on the lines. Do not swim towards the kite as you would with a classic kite relaunch method.

Bar pressure: The Drifter’s bar pressure is virtually non existent. Because the Drifter comes complete with Cabrinha's Overdrive 1x control system without pulleys, they have been able to eliminate most of the bar pressure while retaining all of the performance of a bow kite.




  • New High Tenacity Dacron enhances the arc stability
  • New Pure Profile Panels
  • Refined profile alignment for superior power delivery
  • Light bar pressure with direct and responsive handling
  • Enhanced “Pop” for freestyle tricks off the waves
  • Best “Slack Line Drift” on the market
  • Excellent for surf freestyle
  • Exclusive Onshore and Offshore tuning options
  • Quick power and depower response Amazing relaunch

The Kite Only Package includes:


  • Cabrinha Drifter Kite
  • Expanding Bag
  • Large Pump
  • Repair Kit
  • Cinch Strap

The Complete Package includes:


  • Cabrinha Drifter Kite
  • Expanding Bag
  • Large Pump
  • Repair Kit
  • Cinch Strap
  • 22m Flying Lines
  • Drifter Overdrive 1x Recoil or Trimlite with Quickloop Control Bar
Harnesses Power Kite Kiteboarding  Buggying Landboarding  Snowkiting * A Harness is required to fly this kite - click for harnesses >>
Kiteboarding Progression Beginner DVD
* You can learn how-to setup and fly water relaunchable kites using the Kiteboarding Progression DVD - click for info >>

Wind Range

Cabrinha Drifter Wind Range:
Cabrinha Drifter IDS Wind Range


Depower Control Bar

Riders of all levels, from pros to newcomers, will all gain substantial advantages from the new Cabrinha Drifter Overdrive 1x Quickoop with Recoil System. The Overdrive 1x is equipped to take advantage of the new System features. With Overdrive 1x you now have complete control of your kite whether it is flying powered up, or resting completely depowered on the water or land.


Cabrinha Overdrive Control Bar


The 1X Overdrive Control System with the TrimLite Cleat™ has the premium adjustable bar ends with our quick and easy QuickLoop™ opening harness loop. QuickLoop’s defining feature is its extremely simple use of our 1X security system.


Upon activation of 1X’s single line flagging system the power of a kite is immediately killed and it will rest motionless on the water or land. The overdrive feature allows you to expand the length of the bar 8cm with a simple adjustment to increase your turning speed, while our new compact stainless steel TrimLite Cleat™ allows precise and positive trim adjustment.

Soft Bar Ends:

The Overdrive 1x is the only bar on the market with soft EVA multifunction ends. The EVA ends create a seamless transition from the center of the grip all the way to the ergonomic, protective ends. This provides added comfort when doing aggressive turns at the ends of the bar. The ergonomic geometry of the bar ends also serve as line winders to adequately manage your line set.


Lower Pivot Point:
The soft EVA ends have also allowed Cabrinha to lower the pivot point of the steering lines right down to the bar. This reduces the turning impulse required to steer your kite.


The EVA bar ends have sufficient buoyancy to float the control bar and lines, allowing Cabrinha to eliminate the cumbersome external floats for an even more streamline, uncluttered look and feel.


No Pulleys:
The new Overdrive 1x control system is completely void of any pulleys. The IDS equipped kites all work on a direct 1:1 method of control. This produces virtually no bar pressure, and leaves the bar free of added lines and pulleys.


Proven Quick Release:

Industry leading Quick Release. Safety is an integral part of the Cabrinha design culture. This is why they have used the same quick release method for three years running. Their quick release has very little moving parts and is not susceptible to salt or sand.


Cabrinha do not make their Quick Release perform any other function than to “Quickly Release”. It is easy to activate with a right or left hand, whether the kite has power or not. It’s simple. Time tested. Proven.


If at anytime during the Absolute Depower process (after the main QR has been activated) you need to completely separate yourself from your kite, you can pull the secondary QR where the landing line attaches to the harness loop.


Depower on Demand - 1st Stage:

Cabrinha Drifter Control System


Depower on demand allows the rider to interactively power and depower the kite. By pushing the control bar away from the rider the kite depowers. When the bar is near its stopping point, the kite will depower and immediately begin to fall from the sky. It will land on the water or land with very little power or pull on the rider.


Cabrinha Drifter Control System


Absolute Depower - 2nd Stage:

By activating Absolute Depower, the kite will flip onto its back and diffuse any remaining power left in the kite. This is especially useful when self landing a kite on the water or land.


Cabrinha Drifter Control System



Cabrinha Drifter Control System


Cabrinha Drifter Control System


Advanced Depower System:
One of the features responsible for the Drifter's incredible depowering capabilities is it’s 1-2-1 pulley system on the rear lines. This allows the rider to achieve twice the depower for the same amount of distance the bar travels as a normal control system.

Cabrinha Drifter Control System


Secure Release Harness Loop
The new quick release is a simple and effective way to separate the rider from the kite. The spring loaded action keeps the QR engaged until manual activation is needed. Since activation of the QR will separate the rider from the kite, it is only recommended when separation from the kite is absolutely necessary.

Cabrinha Drifter Control System

Relaunch Assist:
The Drifter's unique bridle allows the rider to perform a water relaunch by simply pulling on the left or right rear lines. The wingtip will rise out of the water and allow the rider to position the kite into a more secure side launch position. This is all possible without the use of a 5th line or additional wing tip fittings.


Cabrinha Drifter IDS Control System

Relaunch Assist:
The Drifter unique bridle allows the rider to perform a water relaunch by simply pulling on the left or right rear lines. The wingtip will rise out of the water and allow the rider to position the kite into a more secure side launch position. This is all possible without the use of a 5th line or additional wing tip fittings.


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Cabrinha Powerdrive Control Bar and Lines

Cabrinha Overdrive 1x Recoil or Trimlite Quickloop Control Bar and Lines - comes with 4 x Flying Lines, de-power bar and safety system.


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