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Trainer Kites

Get into kiteboarding and test the power of the wind with a trainer kite!

Trainer kites are one of  the best way to get into kiteboarding, learning about the wind and power of a kite while keeping yourself safe and having fun are all important and you get to learn the basics of kiteboarding before you very first kitesurf lesson!

If you have a question that hasn't been answered here - you can simply call us on +44 (0) 121 544 9514 and we will be pleased to hear your query!


Trainer Kites

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  • HQ4 Fluxx

    HQ4 Fluxx

    Your Price: £59.95
  • Cross Kites Boarder Trainer Kite

    Cross Kites Boarder Trainer

    Your Price: £49.95
  • Flysurfer Fox

    Flysurfer Fox

    Your Price: £189.00
  • Peter Lynn Hype Trainer - 1.5m

    Peter Lynn Hype Trainer

    Your Price: £82.00
  • Peter Lynn Uniq (TR) Trainer - 1.0m

    Peter Lynn Uniq (TR) Trainer

    Your Price: £109.95
  • HQ4 Rush Pro

    HQ4 Rush Pro

    Your Price: £179.00
  • Peter Lynn Impulse TR 2.0m

    Peter Lynn Impulse TR

    Your Price: £155.00
  • Ozone Ignition V3 - Orange

    Ozone Ignition V3

    Your Price: £199.00
  • Slingshot B2 / B3 Trainer Kite

    Slingshot B2 / B3 Trainer Kite

    Your Price: £129.00
  • Peter Lynn Skim

    Peter Lynn Skim

    Your Price: £229.00
  • Ozone Go V1 Trainer Kite

    Ozone Go 2-Line Trainer

    Your Price: £155.00
  • HQ4 Hydra

    HQ4 Hydra Kitesurf Trainer Kite

    Your Price: £235.00
  • Duotone Lizard Trainer

    Duotone Lizard Trainer

    Your Price: £189.00
  • North Pioneer Trainer

    North Pioneer Trainer

    Your Price: £299.00
  • Flysurfer Viron

    Flysurfer Viron 3

    Your Price: £635.00
  • Flysurfer Hybrid

    Flysurfer Hybrid

    Your Price: £765.00
Showing items 16
Set Descending Direction
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