Traction Kites

Traction Kites are normally four lines kites - with 2 power and 2 brake.

The top power lines are used for steering. The extra brake lines provide controllability, slowing, stopping, reversing, parking on the ground and even allows your kite to take off backwards and increases safety.

Suitable for land activities such as buggying, landboarding and snowboarding / skiing.

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Traction Kites

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  • Cross Kites Quattro

    Cross Kites Quattro

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  • PKD Nippair

    PKD Nippair

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    HQ4 Alpha

    HQ4 Alpha

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  • HQ4 Beamer

    HQ4 Beamer

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  • Peter Lynn Uniq Quad

    Peter Lynn Uniq Quad

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  • Peter Lynn Hornet 4 (IV)

    Peter Lynn Hornet 4 (IV)

    Your Price: £181.95
  • Peter Lynn Twister 4 (IV)

    Peter Lynn Twister 4 (IV)

    Your Price: £258.95
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