Flexifoil Flexdeck 2005Flexifoil are about to release their new Flexdeck!

Following the success of the 2004 Flexdeck, there were very little changes need to be made to this already winning board, all it needed was a make-over!

The nuts and bolts of the board haven't changed, but new slick graphics and branded footstraps combined with the winning asymmetric design, will make the new Flexdeck more desirable than ever!

Designed for both the beginner and intermediate kite landboarder, looking for a smooth upwind ride with the occasional big air and back loop thrown in, very stable underfoot and a popular choice for new riders!

Technical Specifications:

Wheel Base - 92cm
Axle Width - 39cm
Weight - 7kg
Deck - 10 Maple / 2 Glass Laminate
Adjustable Wide Footstraps
Anti-Slip Rubber Deckpads
New Grip Tyres
Asymmetrical Deck Design