Mark Everitt appears in the Ground to Air DVDIt's what you have all been waiting for! A land based power kiting DVD called Ground to Air!

The DVD contains superb clips of buggying, power kiting and landboarding featuring some of the best riders around!

Shot in various locations around the world this DVD is second to none. Powerkiteshop Riders - Jason Locock, Mark Lycett, Sly Jennings, Mark Everitt, John Eaton, Richy Stones, Rob Hills and Dan Eaton also feature pulling off some great buggy and landboarding manoeuvres.

Soundtrack by Overseer, Stalefish1 and Cheeky Monkey.

Includes profiles of all riders featured and a mini tour of the Peter Lynn factory.

Due out Summer 2004

Be inspired!

Ground to Air DVD 2004










Ground to Air DVD 2004