Lewis Wilby 2x British ChampionPowerkiteshop Team Rider Lewis Wilby reports in on his latest winning adventure.

First up was the final round of the British Championships. The third tour stop was held in Pembrey, one of the top beaches in the UK and often provides perfect conditions. On arrival the beach was flawless however there was one vital ingredient missing for a kite competition and that was good wind. With only 3 top flight riders signed up for the final round of the competition we knew we only needed an hour of wind to complete the competition.

A few hours later and we had just about enough wind to run the first heat which consisted of all competitors riding together fighting it out for an automatic spot in the final. I took my Flysurfer 18m Speed which is built for these kind of low wind days. It was tight for space with three riders with big kites competing for room, however I rode well and managed to land myself a place in the final. With the tide coming in quickly and the wind dropping slightly, competition was cancelled for the day.

The competition resumed the next day, when we had more wind. The wind was blowing over the dunes causing all sorts of gusts which often means anything can happen. Round 2 started and Kris Beech rode a smart heat against Will Rose and for the third time this year, advanced through to the final to lined up against myself.

Kris and Will were riding 19m and 18m kites and I could tell from watching the previous heat that neither rider was completely comfortable with sending the kite hard because of the varying wind conditions. Will even got lofted mid-heat and taken about 10 feet upwind. I took a massive risk and decided to take my Flysurfer 13m Boost instead hoping the wind kept up knowing I could throw the kite about with confidence rather than hold out in the gusts. It paid off big time, I had an almost perfect heat landing a mixture of handlepasses and old school manoeuvres with only one “butt checked” Kiteloop 3.

I had done enough to win my 3rd UK event of the year and be crowned two times British Champion. What a cool way to finish off the UK tour and prepare myself for the upcoming KLB Open (Round 2 of the European Championships).


1st Lewis Wilby
2nd Kris Beech
3rd Will Rose