Ozone AccessThe user-friendly handling makes the Access the ideal tool for power kiters looking to use a kite to Access the backcountry powder as well as long distance safari's.

The Access kite is simple and safe for people new to the sport of kiting. Power kiters that comprehend the incredible potential for using a kite as a tool need a kite that makes heading into the backcountry hassle free and safe. The Access is light, easy to use and packs small making it the perfect tool to add to a backcountry free-riders current equipment.

The Access is powerful with fast and direct handling. But most important of all because it can be used to climb slopes or mountains and the design had to be safe and simple with as little lift or "Pop" as possible. These qualities also make it great for beginner/intermediate buggy and landboarding. 

The Access has loads of low end power, quick handling so you can really work the kite for power when riding in weak or fickle winds and has a tight turn radius to make climbing vertical terrain possible.