Saint Peter Ording, 2nd Run of the 17/18 German Buggy ChampionshipSaint Peter Ording, 2nd run of the 17/18 German Buggy Championship

Carl: “Since the first run was cancelled due to bad weather these were the first races for the season 17/18. The prediction of the weather wasn’t the best, but we have ridden already 4 races this weekend. The weather was foggy and cold. The wind conditions were really difficult and different on the race course. Behind the dunes there was absolutely no wind, but also on the rest of the beach the wind speed was less than 3 m/s.”

The first two races were ridden by the master class. In the first one Jan Laurens had a brilliant start and leaded the race for two rounds. Unfortunately he had some bad luck and ended up on the 6th place. Calle made the 5th place. In the second race Jan Laurens ended up on the 6th and Calle 4th place.

Louis: “After the Masters the open class also started two races. With the 11m2 Aero and after an very exciting battle with Lukas Schüpping (category men) , I´ve reached the first place overall and also first place of the juniors. The course was also very difficult to ride, because there were 13 turning points in it. But the Aero was very good which meant I was very fast on the course. The second race also was very exciting, because there were many little crashes between some kites after the start so it was difficult to dodge. That´s why I could not keep up with the leading riders for the first moment. But another time the Aero was perfect to fly so I could catch up the head start. That´s also why I reached the 2nd place overall and the 1st place in junior class. “

On Sunday the weather was better, wind speed about 4-5 m/s and no clouds in the sky.

Louis: “The first race was the most exciting race I´ve ever driven. After the start I was on place 3, but over the laps I could overtake the 2nd place. The last lap was the decisive round because I could catch up to the first place. 100m before finishing the race I overtook the first place and could win this race. So 1st place overall and also another time 1st place in junior class. In the 4th and last race I also could reach the first place in junior class and another second place overall. So all in all it was a very successful weekend for me and the Peter Lynn racing team. Hopefully I can repeat this nice results at the next competition coming Easter weekend also at Sankt Peter Ording.

Jan Laurens’ start in the first race was not the best, that is why he made the 11th place. I made another 5th place with the Aero 14m². The second race on Sunday was really hard-fought, a lot of riders battles closely together. My start was not the best one, but I could manage to defend my 6th place. Jan Laurens got 8th.

In the overall ranking of that weekend I got 5th with 2 points missing for the podium and only 8 points behind me Jan Laurens was on the 10th place. Quite close within the top 10 but the first step for the World Championships 2018 on Borkum is done. We are looking forward to the next run of the German Championships at Easter 2018.

Louis Scheppan, Carl Lennard Redecker, Jan Laurens Redecker