Peter Lynn GuerillaThe new Peter Lynn Guerilla is a high performance kite specially for the kiteboarder who wants to ride to their limits.

The Guerilla consists of two layers of fabric with a set of profiles stitched in between.

There are no bridle lines which cause drag so on this kite the flying lines are attached directly to the tips. The two upright spars in the tips keep the kite in shape and produce responsive and accurate steering.

The twin skin technology creates a cleaner aerodynamic shape.

The Airflow around the wing is cleaner which allows the kite kite to generate more power, lift and float.

The large number of cells in the wing allow the designers to give individual parts of the kite particular flying characteristics; e.g having the centre of the kite producing more lift, while having the wing tips improving stability.

The Peter Lynn Guerilla is available now - in 10m, 13m, 15m and 18m.