Ozone Chrono V3The Ozone Chrono V3 is the ultimate light wind performance kite for all-terrains! With it's fast and consistently forward flying characteristics, the Chrono V3 is a lightwind freeride boosting machine that excels in all disciplines on the land, water and snow.

The Chrono V3 has a totally new plan form, slightly more compact and with wider tips. Less obvious but perhaps the biggest upgrade are the internal diagonal ribs which help to keep the upper surface clean while creating a more solid internal structure.

Ozone have included internal straps to link the tension from the diagonals to the lines in order to create a uniform tension across the span. The upper and lower surface tension has been manipulated to reduce its effect on the internal structure resulting in a cohesive, stiffer wing in flight.

Ozone have also improved the overall flying sensation, making the V3 more responsive and reactive giving the rider a more direct feel and confidence focusing on creating a progressive feeling in the bar throughout the depower throw range, keeping consistent control in light or high winds.

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Ozone Chrono V3