Peter Lynn SynergyLast weekend we managed to take a test flight of the 15m Peter Lynn Synergy in 10-12 knots. 

Initial thoughts as soon as you get going on this kite is it feels like a Venom II - but it's only when you start turning and jumping the Synergy that you realise you have something different!

Launching / Landing > Following the instructional DVD, solo launch and landing this kite was no problem. Simply inflate, go to your control bar and tease the wingtip up. Really easy!

For landing, take the kite to the edge of the wind window and walk forward and watch the kite lie onto its back and behave itself! In stronger winds, an assisted launch / landing is always preferable.

Handling > For the initial testing - I connected the lines and control bar straight up to the VPC (Variable Power Control) system on the "factory setting".

One of the first things you are going to notice with the Peter Lynn Synergy Twinskin kite is the amount of grunt this kite produces in nearly no wind at all.There are lots of options to alter bar pressure but straight out of the bag, this standard setting seemed to put me straight into my comfort zone and will give confidence into anyone who has flown Twinskin kites before.

This kite just pulls and pulls! Not only that but the Peter Lynn Synergy kite turns really quick and I was finding myself oversteering it on several occasions! Keep you hands in the middle of the bar on the Synergy unless you want to loop it!

Peter Lynn SynergyAs with all other Peter Lynn Twinskin style kites it doesn't want to overfly! No flying overhead, no luffing and no chance of a Hindenburg like some other kites do when the wind is light.

This kite just sits above you in the sky nice and well behaved allowing you to have a rest without having to land your kite and stake it out onto a wet beach.

Jumping > This is the one that surprised me the most! Good overall jumping but the surprise was the amount of hangtime.

There was no aggressives straight up or down with this kite - the Peter Lynn Synergy gives you the confidence to get airborne, judge your height and then perform your manoeuvre.

The VPC system really does depower the kite alot! Hold on for as long as you can, pull in the control bar and let the VPC system do its job! See how much boost you can get even in the low winds.

Build Quality > Improvements on the Peter Lynn Synergy include a foolproof inflate/deflate zippers enabling for quick setup and pack-down, personalised bar pressure can be obtained by adjusting the different VPC attachment points on the wingtips.

Peter Lynn Synergy

There is also a steering adjuster inside the kite to personalise a more tighter/looser turn rate as well as lighter/heavier bar pressure. Launch assistant tags are also included for easy solo-launching.3-part wingtip lightwight alloy spars allow for a smaller kitebag rucksack allowing for easy transportation or alternatively if you wish to leave the spars assembled - the bag is improved and now comes with a zip-up section to enclose the kite.

Overall > This is a confidence inspiring kite for both new-comers to the sport and previous Twinskin users. For those more experienced kitesurfers / landboarders who want a forgiving kite to fly but with the power ability and depower to possibly get away with just one kite for a majority of wind conditions - this is the one!Special reinforcement patches on the tips as well as on the inside of the kite also ensure maximum durability where it's most needed!

The introduction of a grab handle on the tips with integrated VPC bridle carrier will also make it much easier if you need to pack it down for a swim back to shore.

Peter Lynn Synergy

Is it time to upgrade from my beloved Venom II's? Why not? It flies like a Peter Lynn Venom II but with a whole lot more!


Dan Eaton (Powerkiting Instructor)

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Peter Lynn Synergy Peter Lynn Synergy Peter Lynn Synergy