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What goes into creating the Click Bar?

What goes into creating the Click Bar?The Click Bar took the industry by storm as the world’s first one-touch depower system. The prototype process encouraged wild ideas and visualizing solutions, bringing the future of control to life at the flick of a switch.

The result was perfect synergy between tech and safety, as well as a groundbreaking moment for the brand and a positive look to the future of the sport.

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Kitemag review the North Jaime

North Jaime Pro Kiteboard Test ReviewThe Jaime is a legendary board and arguably the first twin tip in the ‘new construction’ to get traction in the mainstream market back in the early 2000's. In those early days it introduced a whole new world of pop, performance and durability to the market and blew minds the world over.

The fact that North still have it in the range and that it continues to have that ‘all round performance’ ethos says a lot about its heritage. It is also one of their best sellers.

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Kiteboarder review the Manera Union Harness

Manera Union Harness TestFour years ago Manera released the Exo harness to the market. Working with a human kinetic science lab, Manera developed the Energy Dispersion Frame, a technology that disperses the pressure of the kite around the entire harness and eliminates pressure points, fatique and pain, and allows the rider a more comfortable and longer ride.

From the front, both the Union and EXO harnesses look similar and both feature Manera’s spreader bar system: appropriately sized spreader bars for each harness size to reduce warping and lateral contraction along the sides of the harness.

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Kitemag review the North Dice

North DiceThe Dice has carved itself out a nice little niche in the market. Putting itself firmly in both the wave and the freestyle camps and refusing to say it is one more than the other seems to have worked well for it. It could be seen as a risky tactic as if it doesn’t perform well in either department then it’s essentially not met its expectations.

Looking at it objectively you would say it seems like more of a ‘performance freestyle’ kite, but then you see the likes of Matchu shredding in the surf and it is clear that it has plenty of credit here too.

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Kitemag review the Slingshot SST

Slingshot Wave SSTThe Slingshot SST is now into its third year as the dedicated surf kite in the Slingshot line up.

As you would expect from Slingshot the SST is well constructed, and very much geared for waves with a straight forward short 4-point bridle, no pullies and the IRS bridle which works very well in sucking up gusts.

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Kitemag review the Airush Union

Airush Union III TestFor the third version of the Union – which has proved to be a popular addition to the Airush range over the last couple of years – the kite has received a pretty serious visit from the design department.

Most evident is the Aspect Ratio which has increased, and the tips are also noticeably rounder. First impressions in terms of construction were that the build quality and attention to detail are excellent.

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Kiteboarder review the Ozone Reo

Ozone ReoThe Reo is one of those kites that scores well against a broad range of criteria and makes it easy or hard to choose just one, depending on how you look at it.

The Reo is 3-strut medium aspect SLE kite with slight pullback in the wingtips. Featuring a single setting front bridle with no pulleys, the Reo offers two settings on the wingtip for adjusting turning speed and bar pressure.

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Kiteboarder review the Cabrinha Switchblade

Cabrinha SwitchbladeThe Cabrinha Switchblade is a super fun and lively 5-strut SLE kite that remains user-friendly and predictable in the blistering high winds of Waddell Creek.

As a medium aspect canopy with swept back wingtips the Switchblade features a single setting front bridle with one pulley and two wingtip settings that adjust between direct/lighter steering impulse and longer/shorter depower travel.

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Kiteboarder review the Core XR-5

Core XR-5 Test Review NewsThe Core XR5 is a well-heeled cruising animal that delivers excellent range and easy upwind ability. The XR5 is one of the few 5-strut kites in our high wind test this year and utilizes a delta-shaped canopy with pulled back wingtips.

The XR5 offers three settings on the front bridle with three pulleys (per side) and three settings on the wingtip to adjust between what Core calls a “medium” to “super easy” setting.

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Kitemag review the Core Fusion 3

Core Fusion Kiteboard TestThe Core Fusion 3 has just been released by CORE and pitches itself as the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of kiteboards. It is an all-round board designed to be used in ‘real world’ conditions.

For V3, CORE have succeeded in trimming a few ounces from the Fusion with the Paulownia wood core extending closer to the edge – the main reason for the weight reduction. Aside from this, the bottom shape has been remodeled with new channels, a deeper rocker and wider tips than V2.

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